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Monday, April 06, 2009

Change of Address

Before we left NM I (obviously) submitted a change of address form with the post office.

But somewhere there is another database, or something, that alerts new businesses when someone moves to that area.

About a month after we moved here we started getting mail for individuals not in our family, but who once were. This "junk mail" wasn't mail that was forwarded from the post office, because that mail was only mail that was addressed to us at our old address. These pieces of mail weren't addressed to our old address, just sent directly here, but it's who they were addressed to that gets to me.

First we received some mail in the name of Joe's ex-wife. Ok fine, her last name did used to be the same. So on whatever database is triggered when we did a change of address form it still has her name somehow associated.

But thanks to her I received a "welcome to the neighborhood" letter from Chik-Fil-A complete with coupons for a free breakfast and lunch meals. I also received a coupon for a free oil change from a local Goodyear - that came in handy because it is time to get an oil change!

Then it got a little strange.

A "welcome to the neighborhood" letter from Walgreens (complete with a $5 check) arrived in the name of Joe's ex-wife's brother. Huh? His last name isn't even associated with the last name filled out on the change of address form. So how did his name get thrown into this mix? The $5 check came in handy though, so thanks for that! He also received a free oil change coupon from Goodyear - so my mom gets that one.

It gets even better though.

Another piece of mail arrived from Kaiser Permenante (no freebies out of this one though) addressed to my ex-husband. It was his first name, and my maiden name. What the heck?!

What I want to know is how come none of these "welcome to the neighborhood" letters are coming here addressed to either Joe or me...you know...the people who actually did move here; the ones who have their names on the change of address form. Where are my free coupons in my own name?

And how do I get their names taken off some list that triggers it anytime we move?

In the meantime, I guess I'll just enjoy the free coupons, no matter who they are addressed to!

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Beth said...

That is strange!! But hey - free lunch from Chick-fil-A - I'm game!!!!

Mom24 said...

That's truly inept. Maybe we shouldn't fear Big Brother so much if they're so incompetent.

chelle said...

egads that got weirder and weirder! w00t for good coupons though!

Stephanie said...

How odd! I really don't like it when that happens but thankfully you're getting something out of the deal, ha!

Sully said...

My in-laws where moving around a little last year and they made my address their address for a little while just to make sure they would get their mail. After they moved into their new home they turned in a change of address form.

Since that time I have received junk mail for my father, my husband's uncle, my sister, my in-laws are still getting things, my brother-in-law, my ex-husband, etc.

I don't know the cause, but it is terribly annoying. If you figure it out let me know something.


Mom/MIL said...

I'm sorry but I'm sitting here LMAO!! Weird you bet but it's funny too. I just knew that little witch would never leave Joe alone LOL

Kathleen Marie said...

We had a similar problem when we moved here. For awhile our mail went to NYC to our son's apartment! Then when our daughter moved from Connecticut to Rapid City, ALL of our mail went to her house.

It took awhile to get everything straightened out. I would contact the post office ASAP and complain very loudly.

That is just creepy and like several mentioned very incompetent.

Great catch on the coupons! Hugs!

Jessie said...

ok, that's really very odd with a tiny bit of creepiness thrown in (you know, that they know who is connected to who - or at least who used to be connected - a little big brother-ish!) But at least your getting some freebies out of it :0)

much more than a mom said...

Oh my gosh, that's weird!

Anonymous said...

That is very strange. At least you got a lot of free stuff to enjoy.
love ya,

Bailey's Leaf said...

My husband loves when he gets mail addressed here to his name with my last name. My maiden last name. (Though I admit that I run hyphenated.)

Here's to hoping for more freebies!

joan said...

Boy that is a real mystery and when things like that happen I just need to know answers too. LOL Hey but anytime you get free Chick-fil-A it's worth it, hope they keep sending you free coupons.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


I think your coupons might be coming here judging from the pile of junk mail I get every day!


Amanda said...

That is kind of funny. Something good out of everything!

Shelley said...

That is so weird. We have moved 6 times in 4 years and I have never received mail at our new address for anyone except me and my husband. But hey, I'd gladly get mail addressed to me ex if it was Chick-fil-A coupons!!!!

Jill said...

I have a tough time getting my mail forwarded to me... though the junk mail ALWAYS seems to go through! Magazine subscriptions? Hmmm.. not so much!

At least you get coupons with the funky mail...

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...


At our last house, there was another couple with the same first and last names as both Patrick and me!! THE SAME STREET! The same names!!

PEA said...

Oh, didn't I tell you? I've been receiving your coupons and such! LOL Wouldn't that be something, coming to Canada! hehe Wow, that is really weird that you've been receiving all that stuff addressed to previous family members!! Hey, at least you're able to enjoy their coupons for them! hehe xoxo

Christina said...

That is so crazy!!!! Oh well, enjoy the freebies!

Sue said...

Oh man - that's so strange. And frustrating! I'd freak out if something came here addressed to J's ex-wife. The last time that happened she stole his identity. Check out your credit reports, etc. Just to be safe. :)

I'm hoping thing settle down here a bit - Kayla's been sick for a week and counting. Missed so much while absent. How did Kayla's Celiac testing end up? E-mail me if you get a chance. :)

The Munck Family said...

That is truly the MOST bizzare thing I've ever heard.

Good thing you know your name and who you are :) Enjoy the coupons!

Bonita said...

Weird, but at least you got some freebies out of it. Maybe soon you'll get a whole new batch of freebies addressed to you and Joe.

Do they think you have communal living or something? LOL!

The Girls' Mommy said...

That is craziness!