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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Einstein World Music

We've discovered that Lucas likes to dance.

Whenever some type of music comes on the TV/DVD player, or CD he'll stop what he's doing and look at the TV and start dancing. He bounces his legs, flaps his arms, claps his hands, turns in circles, and sways side to side.

So when Mom Central was looking for bloggers to review the new Baby Einstein's new World Music DVD I figured this would be a great one for Lucas.

Sure enough, he started dancing to the music...and the scenes change quickly enough so it keeps him interested. Kayla also enjoyed watching this DVD as well. We repeated the names of the countries, watched the kids and animals, talked about the different instruments, and danced along with Lucas.

The World Music DVD introduces kids to the sounds from every continent giving them a new experience of music and cultures.

I liked the real scenes of people, animals, and locations instead of everything being animation. Makes it more real to talk about the different countries.

We also received the new World Music CD which features over 20 children's songs from four different regions. I'll be giving this CD away to one winner.

To enter to win just leave a comment letting me know if you have a favorite Baby Einstein product, or if not, which one you think your child would like. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you're the winner. Winner to be announced this weekend.

The winner is Katie - congrats!

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Mara said...

My favorite baby einstein item is a swing. It is not our primary swing but we got it used from a friend and put it in our bedroom to use when we are upstairs. that swing has beome a life saver when it allows me to get some extra sleep if Kayden wakes in the middle of the night- or if I need a shower ! It plays music and has animals that make sounds. I cna not wait till she is a little bigger to actually get to interact more with it.

Bailey's Leaf said...

K- was a fan of the Baby Einstein books, but not the movies. We also did the flash cards with her. She loves music, even as I'm listening to a bear CD right now. Sister-darling is due to have a baby in 2 months, so if we won, we'd pass the prize along to her.

Thanks! So glad to see you popping in on occasion. We miss you!

LauraJ said...

Even though A is 9.5 years old we both still enjoy the BE DVD's. He loves the visual aspect of them as much as I love the classical music in the background. They're just not as annoying as other products. Oh I forgot to say that A loved the original set of Flashcards litterally to pieces that they are falling apart.

Tina said...

We love the movies! I couldn't give you a favorite one - we love them all!

We also have a bath book that my big boys loved when they were younger.

Katie said...

Well, at 7 years of age, Mr. Benjamin is still mesmerized by the old school BE videos. (VHS, none the less!) Baby Beethoven, Mozart, Van Gogh, etc. Baby Neptune is a favorite, although it makes me have to go to the bathroom, seeing all that water. I recently bought a few DVDs on Craigslist, and the kiddos are watching one of them out as I type this.

Great giveaway, Michelle!

Chris said...

Love the movies--John likes Baby Van Gogh. I like Baby Shakespeare.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I love Baby Einstein. Don't put me in the running, because I want someone with a youngun to win. I just wanted to say, YAY! to Lucas dancing. YAY!

grandma said...

Now you know we want to see a video of this!!

Chrystal said...

Thanks for encouraging me to explore their products. We don't currently have any that I can think of, but the Language Discovery Cards sound like something that would be awesome for M.

Daisy said...

My son Nate who has DS and just turned one loves the Baby McDonald and Baby Noah DVD. He hears the opening sequence and stops in his tracks to watch the video. We just took a long roadtrip from Texas to Califoria and I am nt sure what we would have done if we did not have those two plus the others he has for the trip.