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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disney On Ice and Ringling Bros Circus

A couple of weekends ago I had a chance to get together with an old friend from middle school! Yep, Diane and I have known each other since 7th grade when our father's were stationed at Hanscom AFB in MA. I haven't seen her in 10 years - since her wedding. Diane still lives in MA, but her brother happens to live about 45 min away from where I am now; how convenient!

So this was the first time we were able to meet each other's kids too; her daughter is only 5 months older than Kayla - and look how much taller! (Her dad is really tall!) It was nice having our girls meet.

Diane was in town visiting her brother, but also taking her daughter to Disney On Ice (they had a great time)! I wish I had known the tour was in MD that weekend; I bet Kayla would have loved going to that!

I may have missed the tour in my state, but Disney On Ice will be in the following locations and by using the special code "MOM" at checkout (including Ticketmaster) you can get 4 tickets for $44 (additional tickets after that are $11). Or a select amount of Front Row and VIP seats have been reserved to buy before they go on sale to the public - just enter the code "MOM" when purchasing those seats.

Houston April 15-April 19
Dallas/Ft Worth March 18-March 29
Sunrise/Miami March 26-April 5
Toronto March 18-March 22
Kansas City April 1-April 5
Denver March 12-March 15
Phoenix April 9-April 12
Chicago/Rosemont Sept 8-Sept 13

I haven't missed the chance to take the kids to the Ringling Bros Circus though; it'll be here next month and I'm thinking Kayla would enjoy that. I could also redeem the voucher I have for Lucas from the Baby's First Circus program. The following cities/tour date are also running the special of 4 tickets for $44 using the code "MOM" at checkout:
Newark/East Rutherford/Uniondale/NYC March 5 - April 13 (Offer not valid on performances from April 10 - 13 at Madison Square Garden)
Washington D.C./ Fairfax, VA/ Baltimore, MD March 18-April 19
Philadelphia May 13-May 25
Phoenix June 24-June 28
Houston July 15-July 26
Anaheim/LA/Ontario July 8-August 2
San Francisco August 12-August 23
Dallas/Ft Worth July 29-August 16
Sacramento August 27-August 30
Kansas City September 16-September 20

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Anonymous said...

Dnag,If I hadnt already ordered the tickets to Disney on Ice...there is irony in that somewhere. ;) Oh well,LOL

Anonymous said...

Dnag?I meant dang...my my my tee hee hee!

mommaof4wife2r said...

our christmas gift to my parents, my brother and his daughter, along with our little clan here was a big fun, fam trip to disney on ice! it really was a total blast. and i got the best deal...$10 seats and we were seriously 10 rows up dead center. it was awesome. the girls were in awe!

glad you got to see ur friend...love seeing fun peeps!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Going to Disney on Ice is practically a rite of passage in our country.

Kayla would love it.


Junior said...

Disney on ice is awesome. My brother traveled with a couple of their shows for several years and did lighting and pyrotechnics. We were able to go to many of them and Junior loves it.

Ellen said...

Thanks for this info! You are always full of great info. We tried to take Max to Ringling Bros. last year, except it was too noisy and scary for him. Sabrina, however, loved it.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I missed Thomas the Tank Engine Live here. Those things are so expensive that I'm not sure I would have gone with everyone, but I would have liked to take Jason. He's a Thomas freak and he would have loved it.
The pictures are really cute. You look fabulous and Kayla is a doll as always:)

Sari said...

How is Kayla feeling? I have been in bed and did not get a chance to read up on your blog for a couple of days but I got your note:) thank you. I hope you guys are staying healthy!

Anonymous said...

hey! hey! hey!!! pick me pick me! i wanna go to the circus!!! =)

<3 aunt kelly

Heidi said...

I have the best memories of Ringling Brothers. It's a MUST for my dad that I take my kids.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you're reunited! And for Kayla too!!! I remember going to the circus when I was a little girl and it was just so magical and mysterious! Enjoy!!!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I need to say... Thank you.
You are a wonderful person and it brought tears to my eyes.

There will be a public Thank you after the breakfast here in Denver in two weeks!

Heather said...

Oh I wish you could have gone!! Disney on Ice was awesome and it made us want to go to Disney World again! Maybe in September! Come check out my blog...I spiced it up!

chelle said...

How amazing to meet up with an old friend like that!

Sue said...

Wow - thanks for the info on the circus. I'll have to check that out.

I wish Disney On Ice was going to be in Philly for that price!!!

Glad you got to see your friend. Looks like you had a good time together.

Karen said...

What a lovely catch up! Disney on Ice sounds fabulous. We have the show here May/June and my daughter who is a HUGE Ariel fan (I mean everything has to be an Ariel toy,toothbrush, book right now) will be thrilled.

How are you doing there in Maryland?