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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Earn Your Stripes

You can now vote for the Plant A Seed commercial by visiting here and casting your vote! What a great commercial that was!

So how many of you out there are planning on watching the Super Bowl tomorrow? How many don't have your team playing so you'll watch just for the commercials? Sometimes that is the best part of the game (if it's not a very exciting game that is!) Some commercials make me laugh and others make me think "you spent how much money on that?"

One commercial I'll be watching for is from Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Plant A Seed initiative. There is a growing problem with sports fields across the country being in poor condition and lack of funds to fix them. Sports are an integral part of a lot of children's lives- the camaraderie of being on a team, the exercise, the friendships, the teamwork...Kellogg's understands this and is committed to help rebuild America's playing fields through the Earn Your Stripes program where ballparks across the US will be renovated. You can nominate a local field in your area for consideration too - what a great way to help give back to a community! In the first round 100 fields will make the cut and in round 2 you can vote on the final 30 fields to be renovated. It'll be neat to follow this through and see the before and after transformations of these fields!

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Ellen said...

We are not big Superbowl people. But we do like a good party, so we'll probably be at one!

Kellogg's program really does sound great, thanks for the info.

I did a post today about advocating for our kids, I know you'd have something wise to say about that, come on over!

Robin said...

Hi Michelle- I have not commented in a while (we stay pretty busy around here these days) but we have been following your adventures. I hope you are doing well. I know how difficult it musty be to have Joe away for so long. You are an amazing mom. Kayla is doing soooo well!!Lucas is so cute! Looks so much like his big sister...beautiful!!!

Barb said...

Oh, we'll watch the game from start to finish and we'll root for the Steelers because my sister and her husband live in Pittsburgh, although like me and Rob, they are die hard Bronco fans.

Not that THAT matters much this year. LOL

As a former administrator of a recreation district, believe me I know how important good playing fields for our kids are. I also know how expensive they are to maintain. What a great project!

A Life Full of Love said...

We are having the Sunday school that my hubby teaches over for the Super Bowl, 9th grade boys. Our house is going to be full! Our church is having Sunday school parties that night since most people will not come on Sunday night when there is the Super Bowl to watch.