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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Grains of Gratitude

It's a rainy, windy, pajama kind of day here. Lucas is taking a nap, Kayla is watching Wizard of Oz (one of her favorites!) and I've got a few minutes to post. So here are the things from this past week I'm grateful for.

1. Joe had Mon and Tue off. This followed the Entertainment and Travel Expo from the week before. The military had a 4-day weekend to "get out and explore NM"...they were highly encouraged to take advantage of this time off. I'm grateful they were given those extra two days off, that's always nice to have! It's a nice concept, but doesn't work very well when you have kids in school! So if you go anywhere on Mon or Tue you can't go too far because you have to be back when school gets out. I am grateful we were able to go to Ruidoso on Mon though. It was nice to just walk around with Joe (ok Lucas too!), check out the shops and even get a little Christmas shopping done.

2. I'm grateful the Southeastern NM Down Syndrome Foundation (in Roswell) is participating in The Learning Program from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. Even though we don't live in Roswell we're able take part in what sounds like a wonderful program. We received some materials/workbooks in the mail last week and Kayla spent AN HOUR after dinner at the table working in one of the workbooks. That is unheard of for Kayla :)

3. Several weeks ago I posted about the Cabin Cuddler - I was fortunate to receive one in the mail last week. These really are nice, comfortable, roomy, soft, and cozy! The tote bag it comes in is reversible; turn it inside out and put the inflatable pillow (and/or the folded blanket) inside, zip it back up and the outside is a soft pillow. I'm going to enjoy wrapping up in this and reading a good book during the winter months.

4. Yesterday morning Lucas "slept in" until 6 (he usually wakes between 5-530 to nurse and go back to sleep, so that extra 1/2 hr was nice!). I brought him back to bed, nursed him, and he slept till 7. Kayla slept till 730 - rare for her to do that anymore! It was nice to snuggle in bed a little longer...especially because I had a feeling this morning wasn't going to work out that way!

5. Joe left this morning for a TDY - I'm grateful it's only for a week and he'll be back in time for the Buddy Walk. He flies back Fri afternoon, drives home, then we drive to Roswell for the Family Dinner and stay the night for the Buddy Walk on Sat. It was cutting it close with this TDY that he would make it back in time!

6. This morning Lucas woke at 530 (right after that Joe left for the airport.) I nursed Lucas, put him back in his crib, walked out the door, and he woke up. Settled him back down to sleep, went back to bed and got all snuggled under my covers...and he woke up again. Went to get him before he woke Kayla up and brought him back to my bed. Got all settled and comfortable and Kayla wakes up (620). Figures. Brought Kayla to the bathroom then back to bed with Lucas and me and thankfully both of them eventually fell asleep and slept till 745. Can't say the same for myself being wedged in the middle of them, but oh well! At least we weren't all up at 630!

Hope it's a great week ahead for everyone. As for me, I'll be hoping this week passes quickly! Both kids have snotty/runny noses (fun!), Lucas is teething; yesterday the tip of his first tooth on the bottom front left popped through the gum (fun, fun!), and he's pooping about 4x a day - teething related? (fun, fun, fun!)

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Omaha Mama said...

I love rainy pajama kind of days! I know what you mean about mornings, even if you aren't asleep, it's nice to just get to stay in bed.

I hope both kids are feeling better soon and that your week without Joe is peaceful and fast!

Sue said...

Sounds like a good week. It's nice you got that extra time with Joe. I hope this week passes quickly and the colds do too.

Anonymous said...

Snuggle time is the best!!! especially when everyone :) falls back to sleep..... so Lucas has a first tooth peeking thru :) Sometimes the rain dreary days are just like you said, days to stay in pj's and have lots of down time!!! I hope Joe does make it back in time for you all to go to the dinner in Roswell for the start of the Buddy walk.... hope you have good weather too.... love mom/grandma

Karen said...

I'm glad Joe will be back for the Buddy Walk. Hopefully it goes better this year than last!

Jeanette said...

I love the snuggles. That was the only time Anthony would snuggle was when he was sick. Luckily Sydney is a cuddlge bug. I hope that they are feeling better soon!

mommaof4wife2r said...

wow...good stuff! i love that kayla had the workbook for so long! what a joy...it's awesome to see those accomplishments!! and, i love that the Buddy Walk is coming up...i need to see where it is in my neck of the woods!

jessica @ raising joey said...

Sounds like a great week! Leah is teething too... she's been so cranky!

Beck said...

Rainy pajama days are LOVELY so long as there aren't too many of them in a row!
You've started your Christmas shopping? You're so organized!

Anonymous said...

the wizard of oz was tiffany's favorite too! When she was 2 tiffany would only answer us if we called her dorothy. She was even dorothy for halloween.
thats nice you had some snuggle time in bed with your little ones.
I hope your little ones do feel better soon. take care.
love yan

chelle said...

Teething just pain old sucks. I cannot wait for it to be over yet I do not want Ethan to grow too fast!

YAY for snuggle time!