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Friday, September 12, 2008

Teaching Responsibility

Do you remember the commercial from Liberty Mutual where strangers were doing kind things to other strangers...sort of a "pay it forward" movement? They received such a positive response from that ad and have now created an informative website called The Responsibility Project. It's a resource to help parents talk to their kids about personal responsibility. Resources on the site include short films, discussion guides, and a blog.

The film Lighthouse is about a lighthouse keeper who accidentally shatters the beacon as a ship approaches land; the community then comes together to help. This short animated clip is appropriate for kids as young as age 4. Other short films are geared towards elementary and middle school kids.

There are discussions from each of the short films too; I think teachers would be able to use these tools to talk about responsibility and compassion to their students...imagining themselves in those situations.

It's not just for kids either - the tag line is We believe the more people think and talk about responsibility, the more the world becomes a better place.

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1 comment:

Karen said...

That is an awesome tagline. Everyone should adopt it.