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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Dear Lucas,

How has another month passed so quickly?! Your sixth month was just as full as the months before them. There is no slowing you down. So here is a recap of your sixth month:

We didn't take any trips this month, but you started going to MOPS with me so this is the first time I've left you (besides with a friend). The time does happen to be right when you usually have your morning nap, so you get a little fussy, but for the most part you're doing ok.

You had just turned 6 months when you began to pull up on my legs; then the couch and then everything. Cruising quickly followed! I couldn't believe how soon you started cruising down the couch. This led to A LOT of falls and bonks on your head as you just were not so steady, but we couldn't stop you from continuously pulling up.

You gave yourself your first bloody nose (note to the grandparents: it wasn't gushing blood, nothing to be alarmed about - just a little bit of bloody drainage!) because you insist on being in the dining room and we think you bonked your nose on the chair somehow. The very next day you gave yourself a fat lip. I don't know how that happened as I was in the bathroom. I can't watch you every single second of the day you know! Where in the "baby's first year" books is the milestone for first bloody nose and fat lip?!

By the end of your sixth month you became much more stable when pulling to stand and cruising, not as much falling now. You're more graceful when getting down as you have learned to squat and lower yourself to the ground. You even squat to pick up an object and stand back up.

You've stood unassisted for 2-3 seconds, but please let's wait a few more months before you attempt to start walking...I'd like your head to be bump and bruise free for a while longer.

You think you are too good to play with baby toys. We have a bin full of baby toys in the living room - easy access for you - but you show no interest. If you do play with any of them it is for mere seconds and then you are off to explore the house. You will, however, play with your sister's toys! We can go hang out in her room and you are happy and content to play with whatever she has in her room. You'll stay in there and play for up to an hour at a time. I guess it all works out though because she likes to play with your toys! I guess they are all "new" to her (even though most of them were hers!). She is pretty willing to share with you, for the most part, but then you become greedy and want what she has and try to pull it out of her hands. Then we hear, "No Lucas! Mine! Kayla's!"

Other things you do like to play with are magazines, papers, shoes, and computer paraphernalia. Your dad sits on the end of the couch with his laptop and you love to be right over there with him trying to pull on the mouse or bang on the keyboard. You're at just the right height to reach the shift and control buttons!

You don't like bath time at all; it seems you're afraid of the water. I try to get you to sit and you insist on standing. You did pretty well in the tub with Kayla last night, so maybe you're turning the corner on that.

We finally moved you out of the pack-n-play (and out of our room) and into a crib in your own room. Well a room that you share with my scrapbooking supplies! Sorry kid, but our house is only so big!

You are finally, finally, did I say finally, sleeping through the night. For the most part. You go to bed around 8:30 and sometimes you'll wake up around 3:30-4:30, but you have at least been putting yourself back to sleep. Not without some crying, but thankfully it's not like it used to be. It would be nice if you would wake up in a good mood though! Whenever you wake up from your nap, or in the morning, you wake up crying. Like you realize you're stuck in that crib and someone better come get me out right this second! Can't you just wake up and be content just playing in your crib for a few minutes?

You have this habit of banging on the tray when you're eating. It's always the right hand and it's done over and over, you only pause to take a bite then you start up again. I had to get a video clip of it because it's just too cute!

We've hit the stage where you have become attached to my leg. You can be perfectly content and fine and happy playing in the living room, but if I walk by and don't come pick you up? Oh my word do you get p'oed! You start crying and have to come crawling after me. It's not so easy trying to cook dinner with you clinging to my leg; I can't move around the kitchen very easily you know. Just a heads up - your daddy can hold and comfort you; he loves you just as much!

You love to play peek-a-boo -especially with your sister. Kayla loves to turn her back on us and we ask "where'd she go?" then she'll turn around and say "boo!" and you both just giggle. I love watching your interactions. Your other favorites are pat-a-cake and itsy-bitsy spider.

Here's to your seventh month my son! May it bring even more new discoveries about your personality and your likes and dislikes!

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Mom24 said...

Wow! I cannot believe he is 7 months already. Time sure is passing quickly. He sounds so adorable.

Mom24 said...

OH--My kids think the 'baby' toys are endlessly fascinating too.

Amy said...

He sounds like my Boy 2, who is 14 months now. He was on the go early too and I haven't been able to get him to slow down yet!

And I wonder what it is about baby toys that make them so fascinating to the older kids. My older two do the same exact thing and of course Boy 2 never shows interest in his toys until one of them are playing with them!

Siobhan Marie Tully said...

I cant believe how fast those 6 months have gone. It only seems like yesterday when you posted you were pregnant. How time flys hey. xx

Anonymous said...

He is all boy, isn't he! And he's cruising early--wow!

PEA said...

Omigosh, look at him cruising along the couch! Hard to believe he's 7 months old already...he's really going to be an early walker. Mine were at least 10 months old before they walked! He's such a cutie pie and I so enjoyed the video!! xoxo

Nancy M. said...

Gosh he started early, didn't he? My son always has a bump on his head somewhere. But he doesn't fall much anymore, like he used to. He's so cute!

Karly said...

When did he get sooo big?! Happy 7 Months, Lucas. Slow down a little for your mama.

All 4 My Gals said...

Michelle he is so stinkin' cute! Darrah walked before 9 months and she too suffered quite a few bumps. However Marley was my most wounded and she didn't walk until much later. It seems like if that is his personality it will happen no matter how hard you try to prevent it. :) Happy 7 month Birthday big boy!

Tricia said...

Seven months!!!! Holy cow!

Congrats little guy on all the progress. This is making me look forward to our little guy even more. Can't wait to see you again in MD!

Sue said...

Time flies by so fast. It's so fun to see the new stages come, but so sad to see the old go. He's so cute. My girls love baby toys too - must be the newness. They crack me up.

Chris said...

OK, I'm trying not to get upset that your typical 7 month old is pulling up more than my 20 month old with Ds! :) He's doing amazing and is so darn cute.

Enjoy these last few weeks of cruising, at the rate he is going, he'll be running circles around you in a couple of months.

Kim said...

There's nothing stopping him! Wow! Great Job Lucas!

Tina said...

He's a doll and I CAN'T BELIEVE he's cruising at 7 months - that's nuts.

My boy will be 6 months old next week and I pray he stays put for a few more months - I'm just not ready yet!

amanda said...

He's got the cutest personality and is so adorable!! My husband walked when he was 7 months old. Looks like Lucas will be letting loose soon. I bet that something to see a little 7 month old walking around:)

chelle said...

Reading this made me smile :) Lucas sounds so much like Ethan, fat lips, not playing with mere baby toys ... too cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww, he is so cute!He sure does move around quickly! he might be an early walker. Tiffany was walking around at 9mths.I just love the video. He looks so much like you!
I'm trying to get caught up on your blog.Things have been too crazy here.
love ya,

Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Michelle!! I just have to laugh at your editorials on your son , Lucas
!! and also on Kayla too... :) ah, such is the life with little ones.... He is a sturdy little guy!! Can not get over his cruising! Fast! Loved the video! Just want to pick him up and kiss his fat little cheeks and nibble on his cute little toes!! Love mom/grandma

Killlashandra said...

Infants grow into toddling little toddlers so quickly it's amazing how fast it happens. He's so adorable! And of course everything except the toys you buy him are interesting, and I don't thin that ever changes. ;)

CrackerJacks said...

Happy 7 months Lucas! Wow, you have no idea how fast you are growing! I cannot believe you are seven months!

Tara said...

This is just beautiful. It gives me goosebumps reading about all the things he is doing! Happy 7 months Lucas!!

Jeanette said...

Wow, look at him go!!! He looks so much like Kayla. They both have such beautiful eyes. Girl, you are going to have your hands full since Lucas is up and cruising so well at 7 months! As for the toys... Anthony's favorite toys were the diaper boxes!

amber said...

Happy 7 months Lucas! So funny that our boys seem to be into the same things right now. :) Nate also loves the computer and magazines. HA! And what are the chances that both of us would post a video of our kiddos too? Freaky! :)

Tanya said...

Love the letter!! Can't believe it's been that long already :)

kittyhox said...

Your son is really extra ADORABLE, just like his big sister.

My son is two-and-a-half and every once in a while he will see his old exersaucer or Fisher-Price baby house in the garage and want it. So we drag it in the house for a day or two and let him play with it. His little sister is due in a couple of months so I'm sure we'll see him climbing in the jumperoo, etc. I think I would get in if I fit - those baby toys are always so cute and colorful!

A Life Full of Love said...

The video is adorable. I love how he bangs his hand until he gets more food. Too cute.

Congrats on having a sleeping baby. That was very hard for us when Kali would not sleep. She woke up every 3 hours or sometimes less.