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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Noodleboro - Teaching Kids Important Lessons

Noodleboro has recently come out with 3 new children's board games. Each game teaches an important lesson in a fun way. We received the Learning To Share Fun Park Game; the other two games are Learning About Manners Picnic Basket Game and Learning To Listen Pizza Place Game. The games are for ages 4+ and for 2-3 players.

Kayla loved the fun park game! The first time she and Joe played it they played 4 times...and for Kayla that is saying a lot! She usually loses interest quickly or just wants to "play" with the games in her own way. With this game she followed along with how it is meant to be played and patiently waited her turn. This game doesn't take too long to play, so that is a plus!

You roll the die and the proceed to try your hand at the "carnival games" - if you win a second prize from that carnival game you share your prize with someone who doesn't have it yet. The players all work together by trying to collect all the prizes before the carnival closes. The carnival closes when you have filled in all the "sun" pieces on the game board.

You can view a demo of each of the games.

Each game also comes with a music CD and a book to help reinforce the lessons being taught. So you continue learning even after the game is over.

Mom Central is giving away 200 of these games - all you have to do is take submit your information. Good luck!

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AZ Chapman said...

sounds like a good game come visit

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love the idea...and i went and put my info in. yeah! thanks!

happycfam said...

Thanks, I'll for sure check this out!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

How nice that you've found a game that Kayla loves to play!

My oldest granddaughter, Maddy - age 9, has recently discovered a love of reading. And boy - there's just no stopping her now. Her mom says she's been reading a book a day (the Scholastic chapter books). I'm thrilled that reading has captivated her attention - Maddy has never shown much interest in reading or school work until now. It's good to see her engaged in something and I know it's good for you to see Kayla engaged in something like that game, too. :)


Stephanie said...

Hey Michelle - thanks for your reply! Would love to have some of those links. Thanks! :D

chelle said...

boo hoo no Canadians :(

Sounds like a fun game!

Anonymous said...

so ... what you don't know yet is ... that when you move here in february you're going to join the soccer team that i'm on. ^_^
haha! ... but really. you'd like it =D

<3 Kel

mom2noah said...

Checking in to see how everyone is doing. I just adore all the updated pictues on your sidebar. Hope all is well and Kayla is enjoying school.

Sabrina said...

Sounds like a great game! It would be great for my kindergarteners. Here is the link to the Time Timer. This is the main website but I have seen them in lots of teacher catalogs and I bought mine off amazon.com.

hope it helps!

Killlashandra said...

That's great she played it 4 times. :) Maybe I'll get lucky and win one. Thanks for sharing the info on them.

Overwhelmed! said...

Very cool! I'll check them out. Thanks for sharing your review.

Rezzan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kari said...

These sound like great games. I think I'm going to do my x-mas shopping early.