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Friday, September 19, 2008

Horizon Organic Milk

As part of Mom Central's blog tour for Horizon Organic Milk we were sent some single-serve regular, and flavored milk to try. I tried the reduced fat plain and strawberry, Kayla had the chocolate and vanilla.

The single serve cartons of milk are shelf-stable, so you could stock up on them if you have the pantry room! Then just put them in the fridge to chill; they would travel well in the small carton size.

The sugar content in the flavored milk is a bit high, however it is the same in another brand of flavored milk ... the biggest difference is in the ingredients. Horizon's shelf-stable flavored milk only has 5 ingredients (and their refrigerated flavored milk has 9) and the other brand of refrigerated flavored milk had 14! I don't buy flavored milk that often since Kayla drinks plain milk just fine, but she really did like the vanilla flavor! The reduced-fat plain milk tasted yummy and creamy right from the fridgerated carton.

Horizon sets the standard of care on organic practices.

If you already buy Horizon products, or would like to try them, you can sign up for the newsletter and get some coupons.

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Nicole said...

I put those little cartons in the girls lunches. I also loved them when we went camping because they did not need refrigeration. :)

Anonymous said...

where were you able to buy them from?