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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Town House Flip Sides

Last month I received a box of the new Town House Flip Sides. These arrived when my mom and aunt were visiting so they were able to help us with the taste test.

Unfortunately when I opened the box the contents were all in pieces, not sure what happened during shipping, but there wasn't a whole one in the box. There were a lot of larger pieces so we were still able to try them...we just couldn't try any of them with dips or toppings, although I'm sure they would have worked well with most dips or toppings.

These are pretzels on one side and crackers on the other. It was a surprisingly good combination. These have a nice taste and texture, not too crumbly and not to overpowering. They also come in a Cheddar flavor.

They do have high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients, but most crackers do too. At least it is listed under the "contains 2% or less" instead of being one of the first ingredients.

These are a nice change to bring to parties, social gatherings, potlucks etc...you can try a variety of dips and toppings with them.

Thanks to Mom Central for sending us the Flip Sides!

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