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Monday, April 07, 2008

Roadmap To Holland Winners

Thanks to everyone for entering to win a copy of this book - I wish I could send one to everyone, but since that isn't possible I had to use Random.org to pick the winners for me. I was anxious this morning waiting to see who the recipients will be! So without further delay they are:

Tara from Our Journey
Michelle from The Zoromski Chronicles
Karly from Our Normal Life
Rachel from Make Something Beautiful


Speaking of books...for those of you who have read The Memory Keeper's Daughter, it's been made into a movie and is showing on Lifetime this Sat, the 12th, at 9pm ET. I read a review in the Sunday paper saying they had to cut a lot out from the book to make it fit into a 2-hr movie, and the ending (according to the review) was a bit disappointing as it was too "pat", but I'm still looking forward to watching it...if only I can remember it's on when Sat night gets here :)

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Nisa said...

Dang. I never win anything. I just read about the Memory Keeper... being made into a movie... Maybe we read the same review, cuz the one I read said it was an awful retelling of a wonderful book. I haven't read the book yet, so maybe I should skip it...

PEA said...

Hi Michelle:-)

Congratulations to your winners, I'm sure they will enjoy the books!!

It's taking me a long while to get caught up with everyone's news but I think I'm getting there! lol That will teach me from not visiting anyone in two weeks!!!

Loved reading your Grains of Gratitude...even though Kayla wasn't cooperative at the doctor's, at least nothing unusual was found:-) Lucas must be getting so big already...I made sure Steve watched that video of Kayla holding him and then letting him go when he started to cry...that was just too precious! lol

Take care of YOU! xoxo

Julie said...

I read the book. I have it marked on my calendar for Sat.

Dave and Rachel said...

Yah, that was a happy piece of news on a hard day! My mom is doing better thanks for your prayers. I will email you my address. Thanks for doing the give away!! It was really fun, I can't wait to read the book!

Beth said...

The Memory Keeper's Daughter was a great book!!!

Deb said...

I moved to Wordpress--had to. The juju bean heads who owned the domain let it expire.

Deb said...

oops. My addy didn't post. It's justasimplecountrygirl.wordpress.com

Glo said...

I just did my first meme ever and tagged you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners! :)


joan said...


I just seen a preview of that movie and didn't know when it would be on. Thanks for letting us know. I've not read the book but the movie looked interesting. Have fun with your little ones.

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm glad I read the book before seeing this movie on Lifetime (I Tivo'd it). The movie was a bit disappointing but still decent. Had I not read the book I might have been a bit confused because of what they cut out of the story line. Oh well.