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Friday, March 21, 2008

World Down Syndrome Day

I think I've just about given up on ever getting a post done in the morning/early afternoon anymore!

Down Syndrome International (DSI) has officially earmarked 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day.

The date was chosen to signify the uniqueness of Down syndrome in the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome and is used synonymously with Down syndrome.

This year the theme for 21 March 2008 is "Aim High Enough", to continue creating awareness about Down syndrome and promote acceptance of diversity.

I've been trying to think of what I could post about today to bring awareness, but right now I'm fresh out of ideas! I already did a post on 10 Facts About Down Syndrome, Characteristics, My Story/Kayla's Diagnosis, Gifts, Hope and Normalcy, and Hope and Normalcy Part 2.

So since this day is about raising awareness I thought I would open this up to questions. Is there anything you want to know about our lives? About Down syndrome? About therapies? About Kayla? Anything I haven't covered? Ask away and I'll do a post later (if there are any questions LOL) with the answers...as well as I can answer them!

Two of Kayla's buddies could use some prayers. Rhett had surgery this morning and we're praying for a speedy recovery!

Chelsea is undergoing chemo - she's a feisty little girl beating cancer! Her mom is doing something fun with her Mary Kay business called March Madness. For every 20 mascaras that she sells her husband can afford to take a day off work to be with them at the hospital. She's sold 69 so far and her goal for March is 100. So if you need some mascara please consider purchasing through Carey!

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Shelley said...

happy WDSDay and Happy Easter too!! I don't have any questions off the tops of my head but I know that your blog already does amazing things to raise awareness of DS and the gorgeous people like Kayla who have that extra 21st chromosome.

Mama Mia said...

Happy WDSD to your family! I guess my question would be about therapy, particularly speech. She talks so well, I'm wondering how much therapy she's had & when she started talking alot. Grayson just turned 3, and he gets ST once a week. He signs alot, but he's not real clear when he's verbal. We understand what he's saying, but most people can't. So, did Kayla have much speech therapy?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy WDSD! And for anyone who hasn't read Hope and Normalcy and Hope and Normalcy Part II, you got to read those!

Beck said...

Wonderful post!
Do most kids with Down Syndrome need speech therapy?

rylie's mom said...

Happy World Down Synrome Day Kayla!-Love Rylie

Karen said...

I just learned this! Happy World DS day to you!

Cheri said...

Kisses to Kayla!

Laura is blessed to have a little friend with Down Syndrome, whose use of ASL encouraged Laura to learn it (she's been taking classes for five years now; she's eight). Laura's friend smiles All The Time, is always as sweet and good natured as can be. It great that you are offering to answer questions, because not everyone has someone who can do that. Because Laura went to a fully inclusive preschool, kids in wheelchairs, with hearing aids, braces, Down Syndrome, are familiar to her, but that's not the case for all kids. I think all kids have the right to play and learn together, and we adults have the responsibility to make that happen, so that when they grow up, they'll support and honor each other whatever their differences may be. Thanks for this post.

jessica said...

Happy World Down Syndrome Day to you guys too!

Anonymous said...

happy WDSday! Kayla is beautiful and looks like a little imp.
My nephew has just turned 2 and is just in the process of being dx with Down Syndrom and possabaly some other problems(long story on why it took so long)I do know many adults and some children with Donw Syndrom but still have a question DN does have hearing problems and breathing problems those I know are often normal he has been evaled at a developmental age of about 10months. The dealys I also know are normal and he is in EI. So my question for you is do some children with Down syndrom have brain develpment delays? from my mom his lt side of his brain has slowed in developing. Like I said there may also be something else going on as he is still in the process of many many test. He does also have an inharited clotting disorder though that has nothing to do with the DS.
Thank You and Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us. JoDee

Laura said...

Happy 3/21 day, hope you all had a great day! Oh' about your posts not being done in the early part of the day well...with more than one child it makes it hard. With all my kids I'm glad to just get a chance to post at all...yet I wouldn't change a thing. Have a great Easter!

Tracey said...

Happy Easter, Michelle!

Conny said...

Happy belated WDSD! Big kiss for Kayla *mwah*

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Happy WDSD!!!!!!!!

Sniz said...

If I buy mascara, I'll buy it through her. Thanks for being so willing to open yourself up like this!

~Melissa~ said...

Happy Easter and Happy belated WDSD!!

Corey~living and loving said...

sorry I missed this on the 21st! :) you are so awesome for opening up this to questions. Many people have so much fear of asking questions.

I hope anyone who has one...asks.

Beth said...

Happy WSD Day! I did a post on my blog and I included a link to your blog in honor of Kayla - hope you don't mind!

Overwhelmed! said...

Happy belated WDS day!

I have a question. What are your future plans for Kayla's education? Will you always be able to keep her in the public school system (I hope so) and, if so, will she be assigned an aide to help her as she gets older?

I guess that's more than one question. I can't wait to see your post that answers all of our questions. :)

Anonymous said...

My niece has DS and is 5 months old now so our journey is just beginning. I'm wondering did your family use sign language? How big is Kayla size wise compared to other kids her age? Does she hearing or ENT problems? My niece is small (born at 5 lbs 5 oz) and has moderate hearing loss. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your openness.