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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

What a week this has been, I'm so glad that week is behind me and I can start a new week now!

I'm grateful for...

1. Today is mine and Joe's anniversary. 7 years. 7 wonderful years together. While I'm a bit sad that we can't spend this day celebrating together, I am so grateful for Joe. Grateful for the husband and father he is, the marriage we have, and secure in the knowledge that he loves us unconditionally. Unfortunately he can't access my blog over there ... the nerve to block blogs! LOL Happy Anniversary anyway honey, know that I love and miss you.

2. As I've mentioned already - I'm so grateful this week is over...and it's not necessarily because of Joe being gone (although that contributed!) but it's because I don't know how to say "no!" It actually started last Thur (yes, the Thur morning that Joe left). The week before I was asked if I could help our neighbors (2 doors down) to watch their 2 daughters (3 yrs and 17 mths). I wish I would have said I couldn't do it on Thur, but anyway. The mom is in the Guard and had to do her duty days in Alb (which is 3 hrs away) and the dad couldn't take leave...they needed someone to watch their girls all day long. I had them Thur and Fri last week. I had Mon "off" but I watched them 1/2 day Tues (I had MOPS in the morning) and then all day Wed-Fri. Needless to say my computer time was extremely limited with 2 extra kiddos in the house! I am so behind on bloglines and responding to comments/emails! I know I need to get used to having 2 kids in the house, but it's different when they are your own! This is why I have no desire to be a home day care provider - I don't know how those ladies do it! So that is why I'm so glad this week has ended! I get my house and routine back to normal.

3. I'm grateful my friend Jennifer came over on Fri to stay with the 2 girls so I could run up to Kayla's school and take her to the Scholastic Book Fair. She was so surprised to see me at school! We went to the auditorium and browsed through the books and Kayla picked out 2 books.

4. I'm grateful for the Kiddie Disco/Buffet that was Fri night. At first I wasn't going to go because I didn't know anyone who was going, but then I thought what the heck! I won't have to cook dinner! Kids 5 and under are free and my buffet only cost $6 - can't beat that! Fried chicken, ham, roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, pasta, and dessert. Kayla of course loved just jumping around and dancing to the music with the other kids. They also have a clown so Kayla enjoyed her butterfly balloon. We had been home for about 15 min while she was playing with her balloon and all of a sudden she says, "Thank you clown!" This week has totally exhausted Kayla too. After we got back on Fri she was sitting on my lap on the couch watching baseball with me and at 7:45 she fell asleep. I don't think she's ever fallen asleep before 8:00!

5. Last night was "Military Night at the Zoo" for all active duty and their families; so Kayla and I went with Jennifer and Katelyn for free pizza, popcorn, snocones, movie on the big screen, jumping castle, and door prizes. There were goody bag for the kids, but they ran out by the time we got there - which was only 20 min after it started! It was getting ready to end and there were still a lot of prizes to give away so instead of calling out anymore #s the guy decided to do some different things. He asked "does anyone have an anniversary this week?" Of course I raised my hand and so did Jennifer (theirs is the 18th) and then he changed it to anyone having an anniversary this month to come up front. By the time I got up there it was me and this other guy. They only had one envelope left. The guy said his was the 18th, I said "mine is tomorrow...and my husband is gone." Of course the guy said I could have it :) So Jennifer and I both got $25 certificates to the commissary (grocery store on base). How handy is that since I need to go shopping on Tues! Actually I'll probably save it for the holidays and get a nice ham! Nice way to end the week!

6. Grateful for feeling this new life moving around inside of me. I'm pretty sure I've been feeling some movement over the last 2 wks, but I just wasn't 100% sure. Last night before bed I was pushing and poking on my belly and after a few seconds I know I felt a response back to me! That went on for a few minutes. Not only that I could see the little instant "bump" created by a fist or knee or leg or whatever body part as baby responded back. I didn't think I would be able to see it this early, but I was reclined in bed and pulled my skin taut with one hand and that made it more visible :) I can't wait until Kayla can feel the movement!

Next week is still going to be busy - dental and OB appts for me, ENT for Kayla, soccer practice, Bunco, HEAT Expo, and Thanks Team Holloman celebration - but at least I won't have 2 extra kids and I can leave the house to go buy groceries and run errands!

I also received some bloggy awards this week! I received from Nancy the "Nice Matters Award," from Karen the "You Make Me Smile Award," and from Kathleen Marie the "Charity Blogger Award." Thank you all for your kind words, I never expected my blog to touch other people that way, I really only started it for family and friends, but I'm so grateful for the kind bloggers out there I've "met!"

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Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a nice week! It's a wonderful feeling when you get to feel your little baby bean for the first time, Kayla is going to be so excited when she gets to feel the baby for the first time! HUGS!

AZ Chapmen said...

sounds like a busy week

ivey elizabeth said...

First off- Happy Anniversary. I can't imagine the strength that you have. You are a hero too!

Have a great anniversary day-

Omaha Mama said...

Wow you do keep busy! Happy Anniversary to you and Joe. Time is going to fly if you keep having so much to do!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Wow! Sounds like quite the week you've had and it looks like the one coming up is still busy.
I always loved feeling the baby move! That was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. What a miracle!
Try to take it easy if you can. Make sure to give yourself and the new baby some down time. Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead!

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary Michelle. When Joe comes home you can have a huge celebration!!
I understand completely about taking care of children. It is definitely not my calling. I admire those ladies who do it with such ease.
Praying you all have a safe, blessed week.

Kerry said...

Happy anniversary!! You probably should give yourself an anniversary present and go get a pedicure or massage... sometimes those gifts to ourselves are waaay better! :) Happy weekend ~

Karen said...

Wow, what a busy week! and you did so many varied things. It is tiring looking after other people's children (even when fun) because you just 'know' your own if you know what I mean. What a lovely heart you have. Happy Anniversary!!!!

Karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

WOW you are very nice to help out...great get on the GC.

Happy Anniversary!

Hope you have a great week.

Kari said...

Once upon a time, I thought I could be a home day care provider. I was wrong. I was waaaaaaay wrong. People who can do that are special, special people and I'm just not one of the them.

Congrats on all your awards and for winning the $25 commissary certificate. Oh yeah - and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY even though you're apart right now. I think my husband has missed about 75% of our anniversaries and birthdays and Halloweens, etc., etc., etc., over the past 18 years. They miss so much, but I can't think of a better REASON for them to miss all that, you know? I know it's hard for him to miss all this, but it's just as hard on you, too. When the kids are small - THAT's when it's the hardest, if you ask me. My youngest are 16 and 15 now. They barely notice if either Randey OR I are even home these days! lol I guess I don't have to tell you to stay busy - it makes the time apart go faster. Heck, you MAY have to be reminded to TAKE IT EASY sometimes! lol You ALWAYS seem to be busy. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too, though!!!

PEA said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Joe, dear Michelle! I can imagine how much you miss him, especially on this day!! I know what you mean when you say how hard it is to babysit someone else's children...I babysat 4 kids (with my 2 it made it 6 kids)for just over a year and had to quit, my nerves couldn't take it! lol It won't be long now, that baby will be poking you in the ribs and letting you know he/she is there! hehe xox

chelle said...

Happy Anniversary!

The baby is MOVING!?!?! That is so exciting!

Joy said...

How exciting to feel the baby moving! Isn't that amazing?!

Catch said...

How nice to of you to help those people out with their children, that was very sweet of you Michelle. I always loved it when the baby started moving too, it is such an awesome feeling!

Tarrah said...

I hear you when it comes to watching other children. I did that last winter full time & will hopefully never do it again. It's hard having someone else's children in your home all day. It really is different with just your own. I think it takes a special person to do childcare :)

I'm glad your doing well & keeping busy. God Bless

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope number 7 is a wonderful year for you two!
Ours is my favorite day of the whole year.

What a great week! I love reading your Sunday posts - they always make me smile.

Hurray for Commissary gift cards - that's awesome! What a great idea to save it for a ham.

I am SO happy for you that you are feeling your baby move! It's one of the best feelings in the whole world. I actually feel bad for our husbands who don't have the ability to really experience it the way we do. It is amazing! Eve doesn't actually like to feel the baby - I think it freaks her out a little bit! :)


Christina said...

Sounds like a nice week!
One week less till J gets back!

I will ask my friend, she is visiting her in-laws so I don't know how often she checks her mail. But I will get the company for you.

Tara said...

Sounds like you had an extremely busy week. I hope this week goes much better for you. And, Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you have a fantastic husband :)

Sue said...

Oh the baby moving - how sweet. It always makes me a little sad to know I won't ever feel that again. :)

Sounds like you kept busy at least this week. :) Even though you'll be busy this week too, I glad to see it will be a little calmer!

Sniz said...

Feeling the baby move was one of the neatest things I've ever experienced. Thanks for being thankful for all those wonderful things. (Does that sound corny?) I have some pessimistic people in my life so your attitude is refreshing!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Hi, Hon. Hope you're getting some rest in this week! You are such a remarkable girl. You are a wonderful wife and mother. I don't see how you do all you do. Good for you. Now get a little rest in the midst of all this.

Love to all 4 of you.

Kacey Bode said...

Wow, you must be exhausted, I am just from reading your blog : ) It must be so exciting to feel your new little baby moving around, that is such an awesome feeling. I hope you get to have a relaxing week!

Leslie said...

Oh, I loved those first encounters! There is nothing on earth like pushing on your belly and getting a push back! ♥
Yes, Kayla is going to love that!
Happy Anniversary to you and Joe...and yes, the nerve of them to not allow blogs. Hello? That is just not right!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

I'm so glad I met you too! And I know just what you mean about wanting your house back from watching kids. That is why I haven't been very consistent on the blog either! I have been watching a friend's baby since school started and it seems like she cries continuously. I KNOW it's because she misses her momma. She seems to be getting better now that she's getting used to me. I too, wish I'd said no, but they were in dire straits and it's almost done. And how cool is that to have felt the baby! I can't wait to hear Kayla's reaction.

Kathleen Marie said...

Happy Anniversary! That is just awesome!

I could never do a daycare either. I LOVED being home with my own kids and I enjoyed watching my sisters kids - family - but never could handle other peoples kids, which is why I got a secondary ed degree and not an elementary degree

God Bless and have a great week!

Mama Mia said...

Happy Anniversary & congratulations on feeling the baby move. How exciting!

annie said...

Happy Anniversary.
Whew, that babysitting made me tired to read it and I have four kids :o)... you are right, it is harder when they are someone elses children!
You two girls sure are staying busy.

Katie said...

Wow, what a big week!
I look after my friends daughter during the week and although i love her to bits its sometimes nice just to have my own! Its great you got to go to the book fair with Kayla, how fun!
First movements are so exciting when you are pregnant, give bub a pat for me :)

Christine said...

Sounds like you had a very fun filled busy week.

Happy Anniversary!How sad not to be able to be together. What a celebration it will be when he returns.
How EXCITING to feel the baby move!! I love those butterfly feelings.
LOL!The one thing I miss about living on Kirtland AFB, was the commisary and the BX or PX, I can't remember, which one it was.

Take care Michelle!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have been busy! How dare them block your husband from seeing your blog! What were they thinking? LOL

Happy Anniversary take care of your self and make sure you get some rest.

Nancy said...

Happy anniversary!

Take care of yourself. Glad the little muffin in the oven is doing well. I miss those days...

Omaha Mama said...

I love your new profile picture! You have such a lovely family. I'll bet your missing your hubby right about now. I've been praying for his safety and timely return!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, Happy Belated 7 year anniversary to you and Joe. I'm sorry you couldn't be together to celebrate.

Wow, you were courageous to agree to watch those two little girls. I would certainly feel overwhelmed by that! I'm with you, I have absolutely no desire to be an in-home daycare provider! Too much work!

Woo hoo for winning the $25 gift card at the Military Night at the Zoo! I've won $36 at the slot machines here in Vegas...and I usually never gamble...plus I won $25 credit towards meals in a particular hotel on the strip. :)

That is so fantastic that you're feeling and seeing the baby move! How wonderful! :)

By the way, I love the new profile picture of Kayla and Joe!

Michelle said...

Hey, Jeff and I share your anniversary! September 16, 2000! That's crazy! We too didn't really get to celebrate; he did, however, get up to do a couple of night time feedings! Hugs to all of you from all of us...

Mommatude said...

You deserve those bloggy awards too!

I miss the little kicks in the tummy or the subtle movements.

Happy Anniversary to you!Its my anniversary today!

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