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Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Opportunity for AMEX cardholders

I don't have an American Express card, but for those that do - will you please take a moment for this worthy campaign?

Fifty community service proposals are in the running to receive $5 million in funding from AmEx. The current top runner is a Down syndrome awareness proposal initiated by the National Down Syndrome Congress, called "Awareness Can Build A Family." Voting is now underway to select the top 25 proposals; there will be two more rounds of voting, and the winning proposal will be announced on August 7.

Here's the Down syndrome proposal:

Awareness Can Build a Family

Yearly, thousands of women are tested to determine if the child they carry has Down syndrome. A positive answer often portrays a bleak future in which their child will impose terrible burdens and dreams die.

Many medical professionals have scant knowledge of Down syndrome and are unable to comfort or educate.

Their messages tag people with Down syndrome as having no value, implying there is no place for them in our world.

The tragic result: an astonishing 90% of pregnancies involving diagnosis of Down syndrome are terminated.

In fact, there is much to celebrate. Children with Down syndrome excel in school, participating in sports and graduating. As adults they live independent, rewarding lives. Ask a parent - you will hear of joy, fulfillment.

My Members Project, "Awareness Can Build a Family," would use public service television, ads, booklets and more to tell that people with Down syndrome are more like all of us than not and are of priceless value.

If you agree with all of that, please vote as soon as possible (you do have to be an AMEX member though) - the first round closes July 15, 2007 - and how fitting is that? That is Kayla's birthday!


Much More Than A Mom said...

Hi Michelle! My review of Gifts if posting tomorrow morning at TOP.

T*mmy said...

I don't have AE but I wish I did, I would vote!

Misslionheart said...


Thanks for calling in. I'm surprised it's a yukka. It's outside in Ireland. Surly not the right conditions!

Misslionheart said...


Missionheart said...

Oh! You're pregnant!!!

kd said...

i have already voted!! (as an aside, i'm glad to hear that amex is doing something other than gouging its customers with ridiculous interest rates!!)

i am studying to be a midwife after a long career as a human services worker (in the areas of disability and mental health) and was absolutely sickened to learn this past year about the number of pregnancies that are terminated due to the suspected presence of down's syndrome. an instructor in my program spoke about our reactions to these issues resulting from our 'strongly-held beliefs' - and that we would need to be aware of these as we worked with pregnant women and their families. and you bet it's a strongly held belief - and unfortunately, it's going to be one that will be tested often...but given how my life has been enriched exponentially by so many folks who just happen to have that extra 21st chromosome...how can it not?!

PS - and congrats on your pregnancy - how exciting!!

PPS - and can i mention here how super cute kayla is?! i could eat her!!

Christina said...

I don't have one either, but thanks for sharing.

Tracey said...

I am so sorry I don't have AE...

Have I mentioned that Corinne STILL gets excited and claps when she sees "Kay-ya" on the computer? Very cute.

how are you feeling???