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Monday, May 18, 2009


I find it interesting to see what search phrases people use to land on my blog. People can sure put some weird phrases in search engines; or they just string a bunch of words together and you have to think - huh? What are they searching for?

The most common search phrases are some combination of facts on Down syndrome which lands on this post, or characteristics of Down syndrome, which lands on this post.

A couple other Down syndrome-related searches are:
folic acid prevent t21 pregnancy -no it doesn't - check out my facts on Down syndrome post.

do people with downs have gaps in toes - some people with Down syndrome have a gap between the first and second toe, called a sandal toe gap, see my post Characteristics for more info.

But then there are these odd searches and I wonder how they ended up on my blog (all spelling is original):

Mother-in-law s*x stories - seriously?! who searches for this - and this wasn't the first time I had this search! I can guarantee you won't find any of those type of stories here!

eating blueberries gives blue eyes to babies -I've never heard that before, and I don't see how it could happen - eye color is genetic.

Offices In Netherlands @ Aol.Com - I don't have any offices in the Netherlands.

what to do at age thirty five - when you find out let me know cause I'm almost 36 and don't want to miss out on what I was supposed to do at 35!

Naked Bunco Party - I used to play Bunco in NM (miss it!), but we definitely didn't play naked!

Sissy boy clothing - what is this about?

In slang what does blueberry mean? - I didn't know blueberry was slang for anything!

eye systems of big pupils and feels like something crawling in the eye - one of those long list of words strung together; but ewww, I would hate the feeling of something crawling in my eye!

hay ladies throw it over the corner with a big slap ad let the face go -Are these song lyrics or something?

And a few military-related ones:

blueberry military hair - yeah we're a military family, but I've never heard that term before.

Thoughtful gifts for a husband deployed to Afghanistan - I could use tips for this too since that's where Joe is! This is hard because I don't really know what to send him - especially over the course of a year. You don't want to send too much because they only have so much room to store things, and they don't want to have to ship/carry it all back home with them either. Here are some suggestions though: digital key chain, digital photo frame, pillow case with photos printed on them...or hand prints from you/the kids, favorite snacks, toiletries so they won't have to worry about that stuff, batteries, wipes (it's dusty over there!), magazines/books, sunblock, chapstick etc. You can make photo collage posters from any online photo site. I sent Joe this one I made on Snapfish and included mostly pictures that he hadn't seen yet.

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A Life Full of Love said...

Wow!! That is some interesting searching, lol. How did you find out that is what people are searching for?

Junior said...

those are some strange searches.

Great picture collage

Bailey's Leaf said...

I love crazy searches! Makes you wonder what the heck people thought when they were searching or why you came up.

Mine are under Blogilicously Baffling on my blog, but (amoong others) I've gotten a search for "po*t leaf pajamas" and "dissection of cheese in an ingrown toenail." All I can say is HUH?

Julie said...

That is funny.

Mara said...

You never know what goes through people's minds. thanks for the laugh !

Nicki said...

The one about the eye systems with big pupils sounds like somebody was on drugs or something! Maybe thats the answer! Big pupils + feeling like something is crawling on your eye + calling it an eye system = you probably smoked too much crack!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. they are some crazy searches! I like your collage of pictures for joe! Your hair looks so good cut like that!!!
love ya,

The Munck Family said...

Love the pictures for Joe! Funny how people find you...wish I had time to do a little surfing. Time where does it go?!

Hope you have a great week!

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Beautiful photo collage! Those are some weird searches. How do you find out stuff like that?

Anonymous said...

I get weird searches too!LOL.

We call Kendalls "fork toe",LOL.

LeAnne said...

i love this...the things some people search for are crazy!! LOVE the collage...i just made the kiddos one of those with pictures of jack before he leaves. SNAPFISH is so awesome:)

Michelle said...

Although you have some weird ones, others were cracking me up! Love the photo collage you created...beautiful.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Amazing what kinds of words lead them hear. lol! You really did find some crazy searches!

Beth said...

How do you find how people find you???? Very nice collage by the way!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Michelle, can you email me when you have a moment, I have a question for you. Thanks.

crackerjacks51603 at yahoo dot com

Overwhelmed! said...

Michelle, I LOVE that photo collage! I think I'll make one for my hubby for Father's Day!

Sue said...

Some of those are hysterical! Love the collage though. Looks great.

Shelley said...

Those searches are scary and so funny! Am off to check out the snaps now - I bet they are gorgeous.

Mary said...

Some of those are hilarious!

MarlowMalei said...

I couldnt help but giggle at some of these. Thanks I needed a good laugh before going to bed. Im new to blogging and have no idea how you came to know these search terms leading to your page -- you have to wonder about people in the world :)