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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

Hope everyone had a nice St Patrick's Day yesterday! Here are my grains for this Sunday:

1. So, so, so grateful that I heard from my brother - he is safely back from Afghanistan. Welcome home Michael!

2. Grateful for my dental insurance. I mentioned I had to get fitted for a night guard. Thank goodness insurance covered 50% because the guard sure was expensive!

3. Grateful Joe was able to resolve our satellite dish issues with military housing. He was going to call them on Monday, but instead he went out to the dish to see how much slack he had in the cable. He had enough slack to move it over a few feet, so it's now on the other side of that "imaginary" line and he didn't have to dig up the yard. I'm hoping this is satisfactory because we didn't receive another notice this week.

4. Awhile ago I mentioned I won a drawing from The Opinionated Parent for a free pair of Vincent shoes (for Kayla). I finally picked out a pair of shoes and am grateful they arrived this week. I went with a pair of sneakers, instead of dress shoes - adorable as those were!, because Kayla would get much more use out of a pair of sneakers. And of course this wouldn't be complete without a picture of Kayla in her new shoes!

5. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile you'll know that Joe makes a nice Sunday breakfast for which I'm always grateful. Well this morning he's participating in a duathlon (started at 8) so he's not home for breakfast. However, I'm grateful that on this Sunday, the O'Club on base is having a special price for their Champagne Brunch at only $6.95 (usually their Sunday brunch is 10.95 so we don't go.) As soon as Joe gets home and showers we're off for a yummy breakfast. Now I'm off to eat an orange to help tide me over!


Miranda said...

Nice shoes Kayla!!! Shaylee is in dire need of new sneaks.

I've always wanted to go to a fancy brunch, Maybe for Mothers day!!

Nisa said...

I love the sneakers! Kayla looks so cute in the picture, too.
I still think it's dumb that Joe had to move the sat dish, but at least it wasn't too much trouble. I hope he does well in the duathalon and I hope you guys have a nice brunch together.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Awesome shoes! I was going to ask if you had gotten anything yet.

Good job to Joe - he has way more energy than I do!

~Melissa~ said...

Love the shoes!!! You've had a good week, full of many things to be thankful for!

Type (little) a said...

Kayla is so adorable! I want to put her in my pocket! I love that she winks in all the pics recently. My kind of girl. I'm sure it's a little frustrating for mama, though. ;-)

Where did you get her butterfly shirt? My daughter is obsessed with butterflies and dragonflies.

S. said...

Cute shoes Kayla!

Hope brunch was fun, I love Sunday brunch! Especially with champagne!

Kayla continues to crack me up with that wink!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Good to hear your brother is home safely.

Love Miss Kayla's shoes, to cute!!

Hope you had an enjoyable breakfast.


Karen said...

I just love your blog Michelle. I found myself thinking about you and praying for you and your family this morning, just sensing God's grace on you all, his love, his care. I also remembered when I was 14 (a few years back now!) when our School Class visited another School to sing to them. One of the boys was a down Syndrome boy named Simon, he was so lovely, he came and sat by me and we chatted. Simon was a high achiever! He was a top swimmer and had many awards and he loved life. I left the Island of my birth so don't know what happened to Simon, but your blog quickened that precious memory to me.

K.T. said...

Cute shoes!!!I am still loving the pictures of her winking!!!The satellite dish thing is crazy but good that he was able to move it without alot of work.And welcome home Michael!

Overwhelmed! said...

I love Kayla's new shoes. Very cute picture. :)

Thank goodness that your brother is home safe and sound!

That Joe is one resourceful husband. :) Glad he figured out the satellite dish issue with minimal effort.

Sara said...

oh those runners are very cute.

Jessica said...

Cute shoes!! You have a wonderful list of things to be grateful for this week!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to heart Michael is back safe. I still feel the whole sat dish was stupid. I'm glad it wasn't that much of a problem.
I love Kayla's sneakers! She looks just so happy to have them, What a cute pic!

Rae said...

Hooray for your brother being home & safe! Always a relief when it comes to our military boys. Dental insurance can sure be a $$ saver, 50% is great! Kayla's new shoes are cute just like her! =)

I had to change everything over at my place, hop on over to see what I mean. I hope you have a great week! =)

Julie Bo boolie said...

Great news about your brother and the insurance. Love love love the winky face! too sweet

Cheryl Wray said...

Some WONDERFUL things to be grateful for!! Loved the list!!
And oh, the brunch sounds wonderful!! Yum-o!