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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

While this treasure itself is "old" it's actually new to me as I hadn't read it until recently.

My father is 1 of 7 - 6 boys and 1 girl born to my grandparents. After having 6 boys they finally had a daughter, their seventh, and last, child.

My grandmother passed away when I was 8. My grandfather's 2nd wife passed away a couple of years ago from cancer. My grandfather has had a stroke and he also has Parkinson's. He recently had to move into an assisted-living type place.

One of my uncles was going through his belongings - genealogy, photographs, letters, etc when he came across this poem written by my grandmother. She wrote it after my aunt was born.

Since I was so young when my grandmother passed away I only have a few memories and pictures of her, but now I have this. Something she wrote that gives me a little glimpse into who she was, something I can treausure.

God has blessed our home today.
A little girl is here to stay.
We have 6 boys and love them all.
But now a girl so sweet and small.

'Sister' sounds so strange to me.
We've never used such words as 'she'.
Trucks and trains, we've bought them all.
But now to buy a little doll.

Her little dress is pink and flared.
To look at them, I never dared.
Someday I know that she will wear,
a little ribbon in her hair.

Her brothers gather round her bed,
And these thoughts go through my head.
We love her yes, I know it's true,
Yet our boys, we love them too.

But she did not come to take their place.
Just fill a spot in our embrace.

Now our family is complete.


Much More Than A Mom said...

Wow Michelle - what an amazing gift to have that!

Are you going to scrapbook it?

Nisa said...

Wow, that is beautiful.

Kathleen Marie said...

What a treasure! You should have warned me that I would need a tissue!

LauraJ said...

All the above! Beautiful, amazing and wonderful too!! How special that you have it.

PEA said...

That is absolutely beautiful Michelle, and how wonderful that it was discovered and now in your possession! I know you will treasure it always!!!

Catch said...

How wonderful that you have that Mochelle. And I know just how your Grandmother felt. When my 2 boys were 8 and 14 I got pregnant. While I carried this baby everyone said...I bet you want a girl this time. Personally I didnt care as long as it was healthy. I never let myself look at all those little girl things. But when I delivered her, I was in total awe of her! She was so different from a baby boy (obviously)..lol she was so "girly"..my husband and I were both captivated. I found out how different when I shopped for school clothes. With the boys I bought jeans, shirts, underwear and socks and tennis shoes.....with her it was dresses, slacks, jeans, tops, barettes, fancy socks, shoes to go with dresses, shoes for casual dress,tennis shoes, ( you get the picture) and I loved every minute of buying her all those little girly things!

Catch said...

oooops....sorry.....mispelling....Michelle! lol

MIL said...

Meesh, that poem is something to be cherished. Your grandmother was a very special lady.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

You really ought to warn someone before you make them go and bawl their eyes out 2 minutes before they have to leave to bring their daughter to swimming lessons!

Gosh that was soooo lovely!



Pamela said...

Oh, how sweet, it must have been a thrill to have discovered that little poem and be given a copy to treasure and pass on to Kayla. It is so endearing and sweet. She was delighted to have a girl but wanted her boys to know that she still loved them just the same. A very dear Mother and Grandmother. :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful poem!


Faith said...

AWWW! What a treasure! I love it!!

Tracey said...

Oh man. That is so beautiful! What a wonderful piece of your grandmother's past. It really brings home how all moms from every generation are the same, deep down.

Deb said...

That's a wonderful treasure!

amy flege said...

that is so neat michelle. thats a treasure for sure!!

chelle said...

That is such a sweet treasure!