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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Slow Cooker Thursday

Hot German-Style Potato Salad
Serve this salad as an accompaniment to pork or take it along to a potluck. Stirring in the bacon at the last minute keeps it crisp.

6 C peeled potatoes, cut into 3/4-in cubes
1 C chopped onion
1 C water
2/3 C cider vinegar
1/4 C sugar
2 Tbsp quick-cooking tapioca
1 Tsp salt
1/4 Tsp celery seed
1/4 Tsp pepper
6 slices bacon, crisp-cooked, drained, and crumbled

1. In a slow cooker combine potatoes and onion. In a bowl combine remaining ingredients (excpet bacon!), pour over potatoes.

2. Cook on low-heat setting for 8-9 hrs or high-heat for 4-4.5 hrs. Stir in bacon.

For more slow cooker recipes visit Sandra at Diary of a SAHM


Sandra said...

Oh Michelle, you read my mind LOL

I LOVE potatotes and I love potato salad and just this morning I was thinking about it. Then you post this....PERFECT :)

It sounds so so good, thank you so much for sharing :)


Jessica said...

Yummy... potato salad!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Yum! My mom hates potato salad - except the german kind. I'll send this to her!

Tammy and Parker said...

I love this kind of potato salad and never thought about doing it in a slow cooker! Yum!

K.T. said...

I love potato salad-but have always been a little hesitant to try German potato salad-because of its unusual look....LOL,petty isnt it?LOL

Overwhelmed! said...

This sounds yummy! I never thought of making potato salad in the crock pot. Amazing what recipes we can come up with! :) Thanks for sharing.

I’ve posted Slow Cooking Thursday Hungarian Goulash recipe. Stop by and take a peek. :)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

This sounds really god and easy to do.


Kathleen Marie said...

This sounds delicious! I have had something similar but never in a crock pot! Crock Pot spells "easy". Thanks!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

You simply can't go wrong with bacon and pototoes.. you just can't!

Faith said...

MMMMM- sounds yummy!

PEA said...

I often make Potato Salad but I've never tried making the German one...thank you so much for sharing the recipe:-) It does sound delicious!!

Catch said...

I have never eaten hot potatoe salad before. But this sounds like a good recipe...

Candid Housewife said...

Oh!! That sounds soooo good!

Anonymous said...
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