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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Grains of Gratitude

Another week gone by and another list of 5 things to be grateful for!

1. I'm the finance person for our local MOPS group. We had MOPS on Tues. On the way home, as I was pulling onto my street, I realized I left the cash box ($300 in cash and checks) at the church (well if you leave it anywhere, you hope a church would be a safe place!) I couldn't believe I left without it. Thank goodness I at least locked it and had the key with me. Thank goodness I was able to get ahold of one of the ladies on our Steering team who was still at the church and she could put it away in our storage room for me!

2. Kayla had an eye appoinment on Wed. I'm grateful we were in and out within a half hour this time. Last time we were there for almost 2 hrs! Ok they had to dilate her eyes last time, but still, 2 hrs! This time was much quicker.

3. After the eye appointment, (and stopping by the church to pick up said cash box), we made another impromptu visit to the zoo. I guess having doctor appointments in town has it's benefits (instead of when we go to the clinic on base!). It helps to have an annual zoo pass too! Nice weather and a fun time feeding the ducks and playing at the playground.

4. The base had an exercise this week. Military personnel were working 12 hr shifts during the exercise. I'm grateful that even though Joe was working 12s it was during the day and he didn't have to switch to nights - cause that just messes everyone's schedule up!

5. Grateful that Friday was my once-a-month Bunco night! Fun time out with the ladies, good food, and conversation - can't beat that!


Mike said...

In and out of the doctor's office for half an hour? Hmm. I think that is one of those very, very, very grateful things.

Have a great week.


Nisa said...

Wow, that is really quick for an eye appointment. Oh, I didn't know you had a pass to the zoo... That sounds like fun. Glad you had a good week even if Joe had to work 12s.

Catch said...

I use to belong to a bunco club...we always had so much fun, of course we served alcohol...lol.

K.T. says peace said...

Sounds awesome-They dilate kendalls eyes everytime....all day appts,I would be really thankful for a thirty minute appointment too!

mum2brady said...

Thanks for posting your list Michelle :) I love it - especially that you got to go to the zoo with Kayla, and that her eye exam went well :)

Oh - and Bunco is always wonderful too - my monthly Bunco was this last week too, and it was definitely a much needed night out :) You can tell I was desparate for some "me" time, cause I went even though I didn't have a voice LOL

Thanks again :)

Jessica said...

Great list! That really is quick for any doctor appointment! I don't think I've ever been in and out that quick!

PEA said...

Glad to hear that Kayla's eye appointment was so quick!! An unexpected trip to the zoo sounds very good too...I just love the zoo:-) I've never played bunco but have heard of it!

Chaotic Mom said...

Man, big blueberry eyes is right on. She's ADORABLE! I MISS MOPS! Hmmm... You're on a military base in NM? And you love the GB Packers? I'm originally from Green Bay! No kidding! And we're a military family with special needs kiddos. Sure makes life interesting, eh?

Tammy and Parker said...

Sounds like you had a lot of things go your way this week! yay!

Anonymous said...

Nice list. I have heard of this bunco from a friend in California..Not big up here..


Anonymous said...

I do know what you mean about eye appointments. Tiffany had to go every few months and they take for ever. Since everthing went so well in her last visit we don't need to go again for another year 1/2!
I think we start forgetting when we become parents.Remember how we laughed when your mom said I'm loosing my mind. Now we know it is true!
I'm glad you had a nice time at the zoo!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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