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Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Freebie

For US and Canada: Receive a free sample bottle of Aromatherapeutic Shower Gel from Escents

Also for US and Canada: Do you like Red Lobster? Join their Overboard Club and prepare to start getting something back. After you sign up you should get a link to print your free appetizer or dessert coupon. You'll also get something on your birthday.


Paulette said...

Ha how funny, I came to visit and am going out to lunch at Red Lobster with my daughter today. Thought this was funny that while reading it my daughter was yelling Mama lets go to Red Lobster in the background. I guess we will go.
Hope you are having a great day!!

Beck said...

Yay! Red Lobster! Tasty.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Thanks again for the freebies.


K.T. says peace said...

Have I ever said how much i love these,ever since I started reading your blog I have received samples weekly!!!Thank you so much.

Barb said...

I knew about Red Lobster's Overboard Club but the shower gel sounds wonderful. I don't know where you find these things but a lot of us out here sure appreciate that you do.

By the way, the Red Lobster website is a lot of fun. I discovered it a few years ago.

Christina said...

Hey Michelle, can you add Austria to your list of Freebies? lol

Nisa said...

Cool. I just filled out my form for the calming shower gel... I don't like seafood- same as you, so I'm glad you had the freebie for the other thing. Yay.

LauraJ said...

I have yet to receive a freebie but it sure is fun to fill out the stuff!
I remember being a kid and checking out a book in the library at school: Free stuff to send away for. I remember writing letters to places requesting their free stuff. I remember my mom complaining after a while that it was costing too much in stamps. lol

PEA said...

I have been trying to post a comment all day and darn Blogger kept saying server was down! Anyway....I haven't gone to Red Lobster in years but the coupon might make me go! hehe Also love the recipe for the egg bake..sounds like something we would all enjoy:-)

Pamela said...

I have never tried Red Lobster, I know, I know, this might entice me to try it. Thanks Michelle!

Posting or commenting has been terrible. grrr!