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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Cameras - photography - pictures. Those are my treasures.

What a treasure to be able to capture milestones and special events and every day life events. To freeze that moment forever. To be able to look at a picture and have memories wash over you about what you were thinking and feeling at that time - who you were with, what you were doing, who your friends were. Imagine our history without photographs. Not being able to see ancestors and wondering where we got our nose from, or our hair color. Being able to put faces with names of long-ago relatives.

When I was around 5 yrs old I had a plastic, pink (of course - it was Barbie!) camera. It took real pictures and I had such fun using it. I don't remember if the film was 110 or 35mm. When I was around 10 yrs old or so I was going through my closet and came across this long lost camera. I didn't even realize I still had it. There was still film in it. I wondered what images were captured when I was 5-6 yrs old; I wondered if I got the film developed would the pictures even still be there and would they turn out. Well the only way to find out was to get it done. I was so anxious to get that film back and find out what was on it! Not all the pictures came out, but several did.

When I was 13 I received a Kodak Disc camera for Christmas...remember those? I was so excited that I had my very own camera and started taking pictures right away. I know I used up the first disc very quickly - which wasn't hard to do since there were only 15 frames! I know this camera didn't recieve rave reviews, but I loved mine! I loved the unique circle disc that was the film, I loved how easy it was to load the film, I loved how small, thin and light the camera was. I took it everywhere and captured many moments from my 8th grade year...which was very important to me since we were leaving for Germany that summer.

I used to take my film to the Base Exchange, fill out the envelope and hesitantly drop it in the box. I was always had a little apprehension that my film would get lost and thus all those pictures that I took and could never get back (thank goodness it never happened!) I would wait all week with anticipation until my film was expected back at the BX. I remember the feeling I had rifling through the drawer of envelopes hoping upon hope that I would see my name and that YES! my pictures were back! Oh the excitment of opening the envelope and looking through the pictures to see how they turned out. I loved getting my pictures back - it was the highlight of my day.

The camera travelled with me to Germany where I continued to capture so many high school memories...and I still have all the disc negatives...a lot of them! I rememer being so disappointed when I realized they didn't make this film anymore, this little camera helped me to freeze so many moments in time.

I eventually got a 35 mm point-and-shoot camera, but then my stepfather gave me a 35mm SLR for my birthday one year. I felt like I had a "grown up" camera now!

I started sending my film in the mail to York Photos and had the same apprehension as when I dropped it off at the BX...the fear of it being lost in the mail...but the excitement was still there when I get my pictures back in the mail.

Then along came digital cameras...no more waiting! I could take the picture, preview it and if I didn't like it delete and try again. I don't have to wait to get my film developed anymore; just plug it in to the cord connected to the computer and poof! there are my pictures!

Last Christmas Joe bought me a digital SLR and I love it! You don't want to know how many pictures I've taken this year!

Stop by Faith for more treasures!


DeAnna said...

The disc camera! LOL I remember these so well, not long ago I found some old developed "circle film" at my mom's house -- I don't know if you can even get pictures off of that anywhere. And I remember sending my film away and checking every day until it came back. My problem with digital is that I now don't get as much developed as I use to. I love this as a treasure!!!!

mum2brady said...

I love it! I think that my camera is one of my most treasured possessions, next to all my pictures, that is. I love looking back at pictures, they evoke soooo many memories....

Thanks for sharing your treasure!!!

LeslieAnn said...

This is a GREAT treasure...and one I can totally relate to. I LOVE my camera. It's a digital too, but I was a film freak for a long time. I hated dropping it off and waiting. When 1-hour processing came along I was all over it! Now I love uploading to WalMart.com and picking them up or having them mailed. So cool!
We're crossing our fingers about a new job for Todd! It will take us 'home' to Arkansas and we are verrrrry ready! Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed! Hopefully we'll know something soon!

Kathleen Marie said...

I agree so much with this. I love my camera. My daughter bought mine for me and I am forever greatful. Pictures are the greatest of treasures!

Anonymous said...

ok , so where are some more pictures of "my little kayla'"? :)
You said it all , Michelle... Love MOm

Faith said...

Well, hello!!!! Camera's are a treasure indeed girlfriend!!!! I still remember my first one too.

K.T. says peace said...

I love taking pictures too-I ahve a disk around here somewhere that has not been developed,and I am curious as to what is on it.LOL

Jessica said...

That is a wonderful treasure! I'm trying to remember my first camera. I think it was one that my brother gave me. Thanks for reminding me!

Nisa said...

Good treasure, Meesh. I love my camera and the moments in time I've captured. I love how your Treasure Tuesday posts always remind me of something that I treasure as well.
love you

Beck said...

What a great post, Michelle! My daughter loves taking pictures so we're looking for an inexpensive, sturdy digital camera for her for Christmas!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

WOW the disc camera brings back some memories...I would love to have a SLR camera hoping after the new year I can get one. What kind do you have?


Miss Magic said...

Wow...you brought back a memory that had long left. I love my digital camera today, but there is something missing in the anticipation of the shots -- what you captured on the day you first snapped -- and the flood of memories that returns when you look at the pics for the first time. Um, perhaps I need to take a roll just to send away....

What a treasure you have unearthed in your post!

Anonymous said...

You've always been real good at taking photos with your camera.I remember when you fist took that course how you thought you knew nothing about a camera and taking pictures.But look at all the pictures you have taken and how wonderful they have turned out. I loved the one of Kayla wearing her overalls by the white fence. That was such a cute picture. All the other pictures you have taken and put on your site have been really nice.You do have the eye!

Melany aka Supermom said...

Oh how I love cameras too. Can't get enough of photography