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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Since our anniversary was Saturday, and I just did the post on how we met, I thought it only fitting that my treasure be my husband. (Besides, he's been feeling a little neglected that I haven't listed him as a treasure yet!)

But yes, of course this wonderful husband of mine is a treasure!

Joe and I were actually both married before - they were rough marriages to say the least. I think we were both a little skeptical at first to even think of going down that road again, but on the other hand we both knew what we wanted and didn't want in a marriage and for a partner for life.

Because of his patience he made me believe in love again; he showed me just how wonderful it could be. I came to see there really was someone who would respect me and cherrish our relationship. I found him to be tender, caring, compassionate, level-headed, open to communication, willing to listen, sweet, honest, and all that good stuff!

He's encouraged me in everything I've wanted to do. He backed me up with whatever decision I made whether it was to return to work after Kayla was born, or stay home with her.

He didn't bat an eye when I informed him I would be taking over the checkbook because he knew I was more conservative when it comes to finances!

He humors me with my fanaticism with the Boston Red Sox. Likewise he indulged me when I told him I wanted us to drive over 8 hrs away to Arlington, TX and spend two nights there and attend two baseball games because the Red Sox (of course) were playing the Rangers. And if we were going all that way I was not settling for nose-bleed seats; oh no, we had to have prime seats for each game on the 3rd base side (because the Sox would be in the visiting dugout of course!) We did this 2 years in a row (and then Kayla came along and we haven't had a chance to go again.)

When I was pregnant he would rub my feet whenever they bothered me. He rubbed lotion on my itchy belly practically every night. He went to just about every doctor appointment with me. He read chapters out of a book to my belly every night because I wanted the baby to get familiar with his voice too.

From the moment Kayla was born he embraced the roll of proud father and he's been a very "hands-on" dad ever since - never balking at changing a dirty diaper! When we found out about her diagnosis he was my rock; he kept me grounded and assured me everything would be ok. He encouraged me to go out to the spouses' group meetings and social events and bunco nights even though he had to deal with a baby at home who preferred fresh milk to pumped and stored milk from a bottle...who would frustrate him by refusing a bottle...but they got through it!

He (un)willingly accepted when I told him he could give Kayla (most) all her baths because that was father/daughter special bonding time and he only complains sometimes.

Where I'm emotional about everything he's "cool, calm and collected." He's laid-back and it takes a lot to rile him - which is nice because that means less arguments :)

When he leaves for work in the morning he always comes back to the bedroom and gives me a kiss, even if I'm in a deep sleep, and tells me to have a good day.

He sets a bowl out on the counter for me before he leaves (for my breakfast).

He thanks me for dinner; even when it's just leftovers.

He does the dinner dishes without protest.

He washes the vehicles and mows the lawn.

He never lets a day go by without saying "I love you."

For those, and so many more reasons, he is my treasure.

I love you honey!

For more treasures visit Faith


mum2brady said...

Oh - what a wonderful post Michelle! Your hubby, and your marriage are definitely a treasure! Happy late anniversary!!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

I have a wonderful hubby, too! It was really neat to read your story, what you've both been through.

Hey! My hubby is Army, we've been married for 15 years of this "wonderful" nomadic life. We have three boys now, two deaf with cochlear implants. One of our sons has "additional challenges", though, still fighting for a developmental ped referal to figure out what exactly is going on with him. But the point is, we LOVE Signing Time videos! I don't know if my youngest will ever talk "normally", but he does use and love sign language. ;)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Awwww Michelle....that was beautifully written. You definitely have a keeper and an amazing father.

It is amazing how children change the men we are with. Spider has always been hands on even though he works so hard. Just watching the joy they share makes me so happy.


Beth said...


I love it when others are so positive about their husbands and about marriage. Contrary to popular opinion, marriage really can work!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! who is this guy you're talking about!!

Thank you sweetie, I feel better now... hehehe .. and you make me sound like such a nice guy :-)


LeslieAnn said...

Awwwwwww!!!! I love it! Kayla is blessed to have you both. That's an awesome treasure! (I love my hubby too!)

Shalee said...

What a beautiful tribute to your man.

Even more precious? Your honey's comment to you on this post.

Christina said...

He definitely sound sgreat! I am so glad you guys are happy together! Great treasure :-)

Nisa said...

Aww! I'm gonna cry.
Joe is a great treasure. His parents raised him well. And I just read Joe's reply to this post and I have to say: Joe, Meesh didn't make you "sound" like such a nice guy- you really are one. I still remember the time I called to complain to Meesh about something and she was at bunco and you listened to me whine for 20 minutes. You really are a nice guy.
love, Nisa

Pamela said...

Oh, ((sniffle, sniffle)) that was so very touching! Your wedding picture is so beautiful and you look so happy together! Happy Anniversary!

Your post was so real and uplifting, it just brought joy to my heart. :)

PEA said...

You and Joe were certainly meant to be together and Kayla couldn't have better parents:-) Your marriage is everything it should be with some give and take, respect, love and balance. Continue being happy and love each other like there's no tomorrow!! Hugs xox

Catch said...

I would like to know where you found him and if theres anymore like him!!! LoL....he is wonderful Michelle and Im glad you two found each other! Is he close to his Mother? I find that men who have great relationships with their Moms make great husbands and Fathers.

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!!God put a "treasure" in your path...Michelle, I agree with all you have said about Joe....I am so proud to call him my son-in-law!!!! I really hope Kellina will be so lucky when the time comes around for her to "have a partner for life". Thank you Joe for being who you are and loving my daughter and loving your daughter, Kayla...You are indeed a "rare treasure" love to you all... love Mom

Beck said...

What a sweet guy - you two are lucky to have found each other! A happy marriage is SUCH a blessing.

Overwhelmed! said...

What a sweet post. That Joe is one swell guy and I can say that I've met him in person! ;)

I love the wedding picture that you included with this post. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Joe is a wonderful guy and he has brought you back from a not so good place. i was so glad to see you happy again after all that you have gone through. I remember when i first met him and he had that happy glow about him. I remember you said your mom said the same thing. You two have such a wonderful life together and a very beauitful daughter.You both are each other treasures.

chelle said...

tooooo sweet! What a lovely treasure!

My husband has bath duty too! He never complains anymore!

K.T. says peace said...

Our husbands sound like similiar creatures.I had Kendall when I was a young teen.When she was two years old,we started dating and he took up with her like she was his own-and now she is......

PastorMac's Ann said...

Sounds like a match made in heaven, as they say.

You've got a "keeper" there.

Wonderful sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

Much More Than A Mom said...

What a wonderful post - reaffirms why I love my husband too. Thanks for that! I love seeing other people happy in their marriages.

jotcr2 said...

My hubby is in charge of bathing too. It makes such a big difference to have such a strong support.

Mom/MIL said...

Meesh, reading what you said about Joe makes me so proud that he's my son!! I have always been proud of him and you have just reaffirmed that for me. I thank God that he gave me Joe and I thank him for bringing the two of you together.