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Sunday, September 03, 2006

More on books

Becca's tagged me for this quick, but interesting meme. It's fun to read the 3 sentences out of other books!

So here are the directions:

Grab the book closest to you.
Open to page 123
Scroll down to the 5th sentence.
Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog - name of the book and the author.
Then tag 3 people.

The book closest to me is The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards, but there isn't any text on page 123, except for this: 1970.

So I'll grab the book underneath that one instead. Here are the 3 sentences,

Kerri glances over her shoulder at me. "You look like sh*t." "Thanks."

This is from My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Has anyone out there read this book yet?

And I'll tag: Andria at Boy Crazy, Pajama Mama, & Pamela at Just The Two Of Us


chelle said...

Someone else tagged me for this and all I found were Dr Seuss and Dinosaur books .... none of which had 123 pages!

Nisa said...

what's your book about, Meesh?

Catch said...

Have you read My Sisters Keeper? Is it a good book? I clicked on the link and it looks good....can you tell me a little about it? I read a lot of mysteries and true crime, but I also read others.

Beck said...

Oh, I've meant to read that - is it any good?

Pamela said...

Wow, that book puts it like I feel right now. hehe OK, well I guess you got me, I just finished doing my first meme, lol ...this one looks fun! Thanks. :)

Michelle said...

I haven't read My Sister's Keeper yet, I'm currently reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter, but as soon as I finish that I'll start on the other one.

It looks like a very thought-provoking book, one that would be good for book club discussions.

It's about this girl, Anna, who was concieved via preimplantation genetic diagnosis...for the intent of being a perfect blood/marrow match for her sister who has leukemia. She goes through surgeries, blood/marrow donations and feels like that is her whole existance. Then at 13 she's had enough when her parents want her to do a kidney transplant for her sister. She hires a lawyer to become medically emancipated from her parents and to make her own decisions about how her body will be used. Sounds like a great read!

Miranda said...

What a great Passage :) lol!!

Anonymous said...

I read My Sister's Keeper...It was very good and well written. I have The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Have not read it yet.

Dori (Aviva's mommy)

K.T. says peace said...

No I have not read it but there is a review on the blog Just Me,you may have to scroll back a few weeks but it is an excellent review.:-)