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Monday, August 14, 2006

Show Me Yours

This week's "Show Me Yours & I'll Show You Mine" from O Mama Mia is all about the Dining Room Table. Or your Kitchen table. Or your Breakfast Nook Table. Whatever you call it, whether you eat there every day, or its mostly just a household decoration…. Show Me! We wanna see it! What surface in your pad is meant for eating?? Or what do you do with your table?

So here is our table (and please excuse the dirty-looking salt water fishtank in the background - Joe needs to clean the glass! And the white walls - this is military housing and I don't feel like painting the walls back to white when we move out!)

for some reason I really like how the pedestal looks:

We do eat here just about every night; and occasionally Kayla's therapists would use it for some fun things. Like last week - for their last visit to our house they brought cookies to decorate with icing, frosting and sprinkles (yeah there went her lunch appetite!)

Here Kayla is squeezing some icing on her snikerdoodle cookie:

And if you'd like to "Show Me Yours" too please stop by O Mama Mia's and leave her a comment!


Catch said...

i like the pedestal on your table too.....and Kayla looks so intent decorating her cookie! I see you get the little bottles of water too, we have been getting them for quite a while but I think Im going to switch back to the big ones. I get tired of changing them all the time...lol

Sandra said...

I love the pedestal on your table :)

Kayla is just the sweetest, love her eyes. BTW check your email, I made you a header for your blog, couldn't resist Kayla's pics :)

Hope you're having an awesome day ;)

Miranda said...

Your Dining room table looks a lot like ours! We have the neat pedestal too.

That's so fun that Kayla's therapist brought Cookies to decorate. Our Therapy sessions are pretty boring.

I've posted my "show me yours"

Deb said...

Kayla looks so precious! I love your table.

Barb said...

Does your table have two leaves you can insert and did you get it at Ethan Allen because you and I have almost exactly the same table, chairs, lion paw feet on the base and all.

O Mama Mia said...

Sugar cookies? From a therapist? I suddenly think I need therapy.

I'm totally impressed that you do a saltwater tank! We're too chicken. We only dabble with fresh.

I luuuuuvvv the pedestal!! They are ssoooo classy looking!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Very cool about the therapy ideas was that OT. Aviva had an awesome OT for years..she would never walk on grass or sand and she got her too.

I too like the pedestal of your table.


Tracey said...

Dude, I want some therapy!! :)

Nisa said...

Did you always have that table? I never noticed the pedestal before. Sometimes I'm not very detail oriented. Now that I've seen it, I can say it's very nice. Kay;a looks like she's having fun with the therapist. Such a cutie.
P.S. Nate lost another tooth! Yay!

Tammy and Parker said...

Our dining room table is a lot like yours, just a natural wood color instead.

I soooo know what you mean about military housing! I grew up in 'em! =D

And Reed LOVES salt water tanks. There is a zillion gallon one at his school and I swear he is always cleaning it and adding all kinds of funky looking critters to it.

Michelle said...

Catch - he did have a bigger bottle he was using to refill the tank, but it ended up with a crack in it and a friend gave him that one, but I think he wants to go back to the bigger size too!

Sandra - I owe you an email :)

Miranda - yes our tables do look very similar!

Barb - our table has one big leaf. We got it at Helig Myer (sp?) and I think it's from Ashley Furniture, but not positive on that!

Mama Mia - Joe wanted to start the salt water tank about 5 yrs ago...it took awhile to get it going and unfortunately a few lost fish :( Right it's going good, but we only have 2 fish and an anenome!

Dori - that was actually her ST and Early Interventionist - I'm never quite sure what her actual title is though.

Nisa - yep we've had that table! In the old house we had that small area which was supposed to be a dining room, but barely could fit a table...the leaf was out so the table was round ... now we actually have a full size dining room we put the leaf back in ..that's probably why it doesn't look familiar!

Tammy - Joe wants to do more with his tank, but man are they expensive to fill with the cool fish and things :)

They were only doing the cookies as a "party" thing...it was their last day with Kayla and they wanted to do something special and fun ... usually they play with toys on the floor LOL

Princess Morgan said...

Yummy! Cookies! How fun! Kayla is so precious!!!!!

Melany aka Supermom said...

I found your blog through another blogger.
I'd LOVE a nice proper dining room table. If I had one, we would eat there daily

Anonymous said...

I like your pedestal on your table! I have a pedestal also. After we had so much trouble with our last table with the legs on it , we went for the pedestal tables. Kayla looks so cute decorating her cookie! I bet she really enjoyed it alot!

PEA said...

Your table is gorgeous, love the colour of it and the pedestal!! Loved seeing the picture of Kayla decorating her cookie:-)