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Friday, August 18, 2006

First Day of Preschool

We both survived!! And I didn't even cry! Geesh that makes me sound so unemotional doesn't it? Kayla made it easy on me because she didn't cry. If she had I'm sure I would have walked away with tears in my eyes.

I also think I didn't cry because it just doesn't seem that different to me from when I would drop her off at the ECI center. I've been doing that since she was 15 months old. So I got used to dropping her off 1 day a week - it's just the location has changed :)

And we've already gone through the separation anxiety phase...well even after I thought we were out of that there were days when I dropped her off at ECI where she would cry for me as I left. So I've already been through that and cried during those times. It just pulls at your heart strings when they cry as you walk away. You know they are going to be ok, You know they will be fine after you're gone and start playing, but it still hurts to walk away when they are looking at you with those big tears running down their face crying after you. They are looking at you like, 'why are you leaving without me? why are you leaving me here? Why are you abandoning me?!?" Yeah, been there, done that, cried right along with Kayla.

So I think that's why I managed yesterday just fine - she was fine, so I was fine!

Plus it was a little chaotic the first day and I don't think Kayla knew what was going on really! There were 2 teachers, 4 classmates, 3 mothers, 2 siblings all talking at once! She walked right in the room without any hesitation. She went to the reading area and grabbed a book then brought it over to another area.

Then she went to call someone; daddy I think.

When they first get there in the morning they all take turns going to the bathroom. The teacher's assistance came to Kayla with her hand out and said, "Come on Kayla, let's go to the potty." I watched in amazement as she took her hand and walked with her to the bathroom (I would have gotten a "no" out of her!) She just went at 7 so I told her she probably wouldn't actually have to go, which is ok, they just put them on a few times during the day.

She came out of the bathroom and it was time to line up for breakfast. She was looking around at everyone still standing around, all talking at once, I still think she didn't know what to think or what was going on! I think she was looking around for me and finally spotted me. She waved, "hi mommy" but stayed where she was, I was worried she would come running over to me and not want to go with the other kids. But nope, she held on to the ring like they were showing her to do.

Then they were off down the hallway, my little girl (and I do mean little - these other kids are so much taller than her!) following along with the rest of the class. I didn't even give her a hug or say goodbye, I figured I better not spoil it since she was doing fine without me by her side!

When we pick the kids up at 11 the teachers bring them down the hall and out the door. They again hold onto to this rope/ring thing and I could see through the doorway that she was cooperating and walking along, holding on, just like the other kids. Yes I was proud of her! Because you see, she doesn't do this with mommy and daddy! Oh no, on Tues when we visited the school she ran ahead of me in the hallway and wouldn't listen when I asked her to stop!

The teacher told me she had a great day yesterday, she did a lot of talking, ate her cereal w/milk and did really well with it. Went pee in the potty (yay!)! So glad to hear she had fun and it was a great day.

In this series of pictures you can see as Kayla spots me she is lowering the ring to let go of it. She reaches out her arms to give me a hug, but I stopped clicking the camera before that!

Ok I didn't realize the post was going to end up being this long!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you both survived Kayla's first day of preschool! How wonderful that she did well, even with you still in the room snapping pictures of her. I'm so going to do that too when Snuggle Bug starts preschool.

Is it typical to start your child in pre-school at 3 years old? Oronozo and I were thinking of starting Snuggle Bug around 4 years old, but maybe that's too late.

Anyway, great pictures and I'm glad she had a good time!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

What a wonderful blog you have (been reading a few posts!) WTG Mommy and WTG Kayla on your first day! What a wonderful memory for you that it was such a happy one!

So glad it went well!!!



Catch said...

Kayla is the littlest one in the class! She looks so cute!! You will be so glad when she is older that you have these pictures!!! Kayla wasnt the only big girl of the day...Mommy was too! She didnt cry! lol...its so hard to leave them when they cry. And yes I cry right along with them! I am glad you both had such a great day!!! God bless.

Nisa said...

Oh I'm so excited for you all. Sounds like she had a fantastic day! And she went pee on the potty?! Wow!! Yay Kayla!! I'm so glad she was fine and didn't cry or get upset. I know you would have too if she had, so good for you both. Tne pictures are great. SHe does look tiny compared to the other kids, but she looks like she's having fun. Rhi and Nate are the smallest in their classes as well. Hooray for a great first day!
love you.

Princess Morgan said...

Awesome! Way to go Kayla. Such a great memory..the first day of school. Love the pictures!

Michelle said...

OW - I'm not sure what age most kids are when they go to preschool. We have a couple places in town that are at churches (for instance Bethel Baptist Tots Preschool Program) and they say they take age 18 months to 5 yrs! There is a Buggies to Bikes Preschool, I think that starts at age 2...so I guess it's really any age!

I think starting at 4 would be a good age too...I guess that is what is the "preK" since Kindergarten starts at 5.

Julie - thanks for stopping by my blog and for the well wishes on the first day of preschool :)

Catch - I was really suprised how small she was compared to the other kids -and it's not like we haven't been around other 3 yr olds before LOL

Nisa - she's actually been going pee in the potty when we take her (probably about 60% of the time) she's just not always telling us when she has to go. Actually, she says potty as she's going! She'll say potty and I'll feel her diaper and it's warm so I know she just went. I guess that's a start though!

Thanks Robin - It was a great day!

Angie said...

Congrats to Kayla(and mommy) for a successful first day!

Anonymous said...

OH Michelle, I felt I was right there with you on Kayla's first day of pre-school!!! How did she do today? It looks like she will have fun--Isn't that what pre-school is suppose to be. :) She is independent, but , also still needs Mom and Dad.. :) Which there is nothing wrong with that either...Love you all... Love Mom

K.T. says peace said...

Oh how adorable!Ilove the rings, when Kendall was that age they had a "bye bye buggy" which held 5 or six children(I volunteered as an aide for her "school" up until she was 4).I never really think of how small she actually is until last year when I got her class picture of second graders-all younger than her-the kids on the front row were on their knees and Kendall was standing up and yet they were still taller than her....it is amazing to see,I love the pix!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Awww I am so glad she had a great day and you did survive!! She looked so happy in the pictures.

Aviva has a rope thingy they walk on too even in kindergarten!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like she had an amazing first day. I am so glad everything ran so smoothly.

chelle said...

Wow Kayla is so awesome at following directions! That is so great. How wonderful for both that it is such a wonderful place for her to go to!

Tammy and Parker said...

It looks like Kayla had a wonderful time on such a grand aventure! I am so glad you posted these pictures.

I'm glad you BOTH had such a wonderful experience!

Barb said...

I love those bright rings too. What a clever idea. I started mine in preschool at 3. But I think one year at a good preschool would prepare a child for kindergarten.

Sounds like it all went really well Michelle. What a relief to have that behind you and how smart you are to stay there and capture all the memories of this special day.

PEA said...

Gosh, reading this post brought back so many memories of when my two boys started school!! I tried not to cry in front of them but once I got home, I just sobbed...not easy to see your children growing up so fast! Loved all the pictures and she seemed to be having a great time! Don't you know kids don't listen to their parents but they will listen to strangers??? lol Glad everything went well and that you handled it like a pro too:-) xoxo

The Imperfect Christian said...

Yeah! I'm glad the day went well!

jotcr2 said...

Thanks for sharing Kayla's first day. What a big day for you all. I love the pigtails.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Kayla had such a fun time!! You should be so proud of your little girl! Kids always listen to other people better then thier own parents.I think it is great she went potty for them. i loved the pictures of her first day. She looks so cute!

Kari said...

Hurray! Sounds like a wonderful first day! Love the pictures. I am so happy to hear the transition went well for both of you, seperation anxiety sucks. FYI I cried my face off reading this so I highly doubt Tristans first day will be tear free (for me anyway I am sure he will be fine)The crying started about at the picture of Kayla holding the ring and walking down the hall and looking so tiny. LOL Tristan is very tiny as well he is still under 20 lbs. When I was pregnant for Tristan I had this dream over and over. In the dream I had a baby and he learned to walk as a newborn and was running all over the place. Freaked me right out LOL I always thought that maybe somehow subconsciously I knew Tristan had an extra Chromosome and this dream was the opposite since I was told his walking would be delayed. But the dream kinda came true because Tristan was running around at 16 months and was sooooo tiny. LOL I had forgotten about that dream until just now WEIRD! Anyway Love the pictures and I will try and snap a few to share if I can on Tristans first day. If I'm going to cry I will make a quick exit before he notices I am upset :)

Stephanie said...

She is too cute! I am glad that her first day went so well! I hope she has continued success with it! and Good Luck! I would have been bawling! lol

LauraJ said...

Happy Graduation Kayla!!
Hooray for making it through the first day mama! And for Kayla too!! It only gets bettre from here! :D

Michelle said...

thank you all for celebrating with me on a successful first day of preschool! The second day went well too :) Looks like this is going to be a great year!

Miranda said...

It sounds like Kayla is doing great at pre-school. I'm so excited for Shaylee to start, I know she'll just love it!

The picures are very cute, the ring is a neat way to keep all the kids together, i've never seen anything like that before.

Anonymous said...

WTG Kayla on a great first day of preschool!!! Brant will be going in September too and I hope his first day is a good as yours was!

Beck said...

Yay, Kayla! And I'm glad you held it together, too - so often these things are worse in the anticipation. My little guy starts JK next week, so I'm hoping that I'll hold it together, too.

Deryck said...

Wow! Looks like she is having a great time there!!

Glad it went so well!

Melany aka Supermom said...

It's great that her first day went so well :) What a big girl

andria said...

I am glad her first day went well, what a relief huh? I loved the pictures, I just want to reach out and hug her myself.

abebech said...

Congratulations, Kayla and Michelle!
Looks like a great day.

tracey said...

so sweet. good for you both! yay!

Anonymous said...
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