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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Update on the "Indy's Child" story

Just a quick update: I found out this morning they have pulled the cover and article from their website...quick work on their part!

Jan is still waiting to hear from them to schedule a meeting...will update more as I hear anything on it.

Thanks for all the support!


amy flege said...

oh wonderful!! thanks for the update michelle~!

Catch said...

wow.....keep us posted!!!! That was fast!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE MOM

Nisa said...

Well, that's a start. Let's wait and see what they do next.
Keep us posted.

PEA said...

Good, at least it shows someoneis listening!!

chelle said...

Good that they have the decency to do that! Keep us posted for sure!

Jennifer said...

GOOD! keep us posted