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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

This picture isn't exactly what my treasure is, but it ties into it.

My treasure is more or less the military and how it's been in my life.

I was "born" into the military - born at Sheppard AFB in TX. It's all I've known all my life and with everything there are good and bad aspects of it.

Yes it was hard moving around, starting a new school, and making new friends. However if I had grown up in the same town all my life I wouldn't have met all the people I have and have friends scattered all over the world. I wouldn't have lived in different states (TX, MA, NY, NJ, MD, CO & NM) and a different country (Germany two times).

And now the meaning behind the picture. For those that may know nothing about the military - when you're serving in the Armed Forces you have an Active Duty ID card. If you're married your spouse gets a "dependent" ID card; your children also get a dependent ID card, but not until they are 10 years of age. It almost feels like a "rite of passage." Your 10th birthday passes and you know that you are now eligible to have in your possession an ID card. You feel more grown-up, more responsible. You can go to the BX and actually purchase something on your own because you can show them your ID card. So yes, that picture is my very first ID card and I've had one ever since.

I remember the day we went to get it so well. My dad had come home from work. I was outside playing and he said to me, "Time to get in the car, we've gotta go."

Me: "Where are we going?"

Dad: "To get your ID card." I remember feeling so happy that the day had finally come!

There are family members on mine and Joe's side that have served in some way or another. My dad's dad served in the Navy. I have an uncle on my dad's and mom's side who have served in the Air Force. A cousin in the Marines. My mom's dad retired from the Air Force. My brother served in the Air Force and currently the Reserves. My stepfather served in the Air Force and retired from the Guard. My dad retired from the Air Force.

Joe was also born on a base - Seymour-Johnson in NC. His grandfather retired from the Navy. My father-in-law retired from the Air Force; and now of course my husband is serving, and will retire from, the Air Force.

Which brings me to another reason the military has impacted my life - I wouldn't have met, known, nor married my husband. We met in high school in Germany because both of our families were there on assignment. (And for those that don't know our history - no, we weren't exactly "high school sweethearts")!

So there you have it - if it weren't for the military I woudn't be married to my wonderful husband and we wouldn't have our beautiful daughter!

So in closing I want to say thank you to all the men and women who serve and their families that support them.


Miranda said...

I have a kinda similar story...Me and John met when he was in the Army, my best friends boyfriend was his roommate....that's how we met and got married and had Little Shaylee. He was always a military kid, i wasn't. His father retired from the Air Force. I had a taste of Military life when John and I got Married, i miss some things but I'm mostly glad he's all Mine now (He was in the Infantry, and could leave anytime at the drop of a hat...and he did!) I do miss the PX and the commisary.

:) Miranda

Michelle said...

Hey Miranda, I can imagine it being hard being married to an infantrymen with how often they do leave!

When we talk about where we want to retire at I always say one condition is we have to be by a base...it just wouldn't feel the same not living near one!

PEA said...

I always felt bad for the families of military men, having to move all the time, etc...but the way you've put it, I can see that there is a positive side to it, like having so many friends around the country and having been able to see more states than many of us will ever see!! And the most important, having met your hubby due to the military:-) Now I can look at it with a different point of view, thanks to you! Have a wonderful day Michelle and give Kayla a big hug from me please:-)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you save everything!! and that is a good thing, because you have your 1st ID picture to show for it!!! Plus, the Treasure Tuesday to share with us and how it all came about you meeting Joe, marrying Joe and having a beautiful daughter, Kayla... love mom. love mom

Tara Marie said...

It truly is a treasure....and today I give thanks to all of the men and woman who have served our great nation.

Jess said...

Oh YEAH! That is soooo cool that you still have your original ID. WOW!
And I love hearing your input about growing up military. I worry about Sophia sometimes, but she handles the moves better than me! :)

Faith said...

Ahhhhh, I remember it so well!! thanks for sharing.

firstborn said...

thank you for sharing your treasure & your poignant story...

Anonymous said...

hmmm we could have been high school sweethearts... but alas you turned me down 17yrs ago today!!!!

Nisa said...

Hey, the military introduced you to me too!!! No, wait- that was my sister who did that. Hahaha!!! You look so cute in your first ID pic. I remember geting mine as well. I got to miss school. I bragged to everyone. Sheesh, you brought back memories!
love, Nisa

Anonymous said...

I remember that feeling also. I was so proud to have my ID I felt grown up. I just couldn't wait to turn 10 to get it.