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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another get together

So OW and I were able to get together again today. (Aren't you all just jealous?!)

It's nice to be able to feel comfortable with someone you just met - I guess reading each other's blogs helped feel like we already "knew" each other...conversation flowed and no feeling awkward!

Today I took her to Eagle Ranch Pistachio Groves. Check out the website and you'll see all of the yummy goodies we were able to sample! All things pistachios - salted & roasted, lemon lime, ice cream, cookies, biscotti, caramel popcorn, white chocolate bar, brittle, bark ... are you salivating yet?! This is where we take everyone who comes to visit us ... can't beat the free samples! OW is heading home with some extra goodies in her luggage!

We also got there just in time...they were doing a tour. I've lived here going on 6 yrs now and have yet to take one of their tours. It was interesting to see how their whole operation works!

After that we went to a great local restaurant - Compass Rose - and OW was kind enough to treat Kayla and me to lunch (thanks again!)

I even got permission to share a few photos with you all...so enjoy!

This was Monday night where we ate dinner at Memories

I had to take this one of Kayla before we left this morning. My best friend (or her mom, can't remember which outfit came from who!) sent some outfits for Kayla's birthday...so wanted them to see her wearing one of them.

Getting some snuggle time with Kayla since she can't be with her own Snuggle Bug this week!

One of the employees was kind enough to come outside to take a picture of the 3 of us.

It was great meeting you OW - glad we had the chance to get together!


Barb said...

Since I'm just meeting both of you, it took me a while to make the connection. You're the blogging friend Overwhelmed has been all excited about meeting. How fun is that? I love that you posted photos - it's so nice to put faces to new friends.

Tracey said...

Yah, well, phhhbbbttt!!!!

No fair!

Glad you guys got along in person as well! So tell us, is she as nice as she seems online? :)

Paulette said...

How sweet. I have been reading overwhelmeds site forever and I am glad I got to see what she looks like wow that is so neat.
I am very glad to see you as well and your precious little girl.
I am so glad you had such fun!! I hope to be able to do that one day.

chelle said...

awww thanks for sharing the photos ... you three look so fabulous!!!

PEA said...

Salivating...I'm just plain drooling!!! lol I LOVE pistachios...I checked out their web site and oh boy, it certainly is full of goodies! So glad you two had such a great time...it's always fun meeting someone for the first time but that you feel you know so well already either from writing to or blogging. Great pictures too:-)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

What a great day you had. Spider (dh) would love to go on that tour he just loves pistachios. Aviva asked if she can play with Kayla. It was to cute!!

Loved the outfit and the smile!

It is so true about meeting friends from cyberspace it seems like you have known them for forever.


Faith said...

Yeah, a big rasberry to both of you! Of course we are all jealous!!!

PastorMac's Ann said...

How funny. I was behind in reading OW's blog so just read today about her being in NM this week. I was hoping she'd find someone to get together with. How wonderful that you two were able to connect. Shannon over at RockinMyDryer has a new term for this now - Mirl. Meet In Real LIfe.

Aw, wish that Alamagordo wasn't such a drive. I love the Space Museum and White Sands is something everyone should see. And Eagle Ranch Pistachio Groves sounds like a good enough reason to make the trip!

K.T. says peace said...

Well I left the comment in your last post that I meant to leave here...LOL...I met two bloggers Tuesday also.....It was awesome!

Beck said...

That looks like fun. The two of you sort of look alike! I'm glad you had a good time!

Catch said...

I think its so wonderful that you two got to meet!!! And I am sure she loved snuggling Kayla because she is a precious little girl and also because I know she is missing Snugglebug so much.Thanks for sharing the photos Michelle!

Much More Than A Mom said...

I'm covered in drool thinking about those yummy treats! (or maybe it's from Rylan, but whatever!)

Nisa said...

I'm glad you and OW got along so well. I hate when things are awkward at first so it's good to hear there was none of that. Kayla look so CUTE!!! I think that's the other outfit I sent. I can't remember who sent what either, but if it's not purple then it's from me. I remember going to the pistachio place with you the last time I was there. I enjoyed it. love ya!

Tara Marie said...

What a wonderful visit....I find these types of meetings to be so incredible!

Overwhelmed! said...

Michelle- as I look at these pictures I can't help but think, "When did I get so tan?!" :) I used to be such a pale-faced woman. I guess all the time in our pool with Snuggle Bug has changed that.

I just loved the outfit you had Kayla in today. She was too adorable!

Thanks to Michelle's kindness, I felt a little less homesick during our time together. Thanks again, Michelle!

mum2brady said...

How awesome that you could spend more time with OW :) And - can I just say how darling Kayla looks in her new outfits :) Thanks for sharing your fun IRL get together with us all (and we're all jealous!)