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Sunday, July 30, 2006

5 Items

Much More Than A Mom tagged me for a quick and easy meme:

Five items in my freezer - bag of mixed fruit, ground beef, waffle sticks, cup of grapes, mixed veggies

Five items in my closet - my clothes, suitcases, pillows, clothes to be donated to women's shelter, Downy wrinkle release spray

Five items in my car - stroller, blanket, books, map, CDs

Five items in my purse - military ID card, Driver's license, credit cards, change, small bottle of bubbles to keep Kayla occupied when we're waiting in doctor offices

Five people I tag - Overwhelmed, Pea's Corner, A Penny For Your Thoughts, Sweetest Cherry In An Apple Pie, Raising Joey

and anyone else who is reading and wants to do this :)

Edited to add: Tagging Diary of a SAHM since Pea has already done this one!


Much More Than A Mom said...

You're quick!!

PEA said...

Hey you can't tag me, I did this one already!!!! LOL I think it was the first meme I ever did and I had fun with it:-) I don't know if you remember....for 5 items in my car I had put the hitchiker I'd forgotten to drop off! lol

Michelle said...

Much more - well it was a short one :)

Pea -oh yeah! I did forget that you did this one until you mentioned the hitchiker! off to tag someone else then!

Catch said...

I did it before to but Ill do it again...I have a million things in my closet to pick from...lol...and my freezer. So I will do it this week.

Beck said...

Does the Downy Wrinkle Release Spray work well?

Michelle said...

Catch - sorry for you tagging you when you've already done this one! It's hard to keep up with who has done what :)

Beck - I've found that it works pretty well on most things and better than I expected!

My shirts seem to get wrinkled just from hanging in the closet LOL I just lay them flat on the bed, spray it a few times, smooth the shirt out and pretty much all the wrinkles are gone. Now if it's been rolled up and crumbled and squished into a ball...I think the shirt needs an iron then :)

Miranda said...

Thanks for tagging me! I have posted my 5 items.

Overwhelmed! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm just now seeing this. I can't get to it today, but I'll shoot for this weekend, okay? :)