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Friday, June 09, 2006


Remember the popular toy from the 80s - Transformers?

They're making a major motion-picture with the working title Transformers: The Movie

So why is this so interesting to blog about? Normally it wouldn't be that interesting, for me anyway, except for this:

They are filming part of the movie here...at this base! This base we are at, in a small town in the desert of New Mexico has a movie from Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures being filmed here.

Executive producer is Steven Spielberg, directed by Michael Bay (Armageddon, Bad Boys etc).

Some of the actors are: Michael Clarke Duncan (Green Mile, Armageddon), John Turturro, Bernie Mac, Tyrese Gibson (you can see a complete list at the link to the movie above).

So it's pretty exciting they are filming this here. They are making sure they get it right with regards to the military aspect of it. They have consultants and trainers etc...that'll be nice to see the military represented correctly!

So anyway, just my exciting news!


Tammy and Parker said...

Hey! Maybe you two can get roles as 'extras'! How fun would THAT be! It would give me an excuse to go and see the movie! =)

Michelle said...

They actually did have a call out for extras from the base. One of my friends went and when asked what times she was available she told her basically anytime because she stays home. This lady responded with something like, "oh you're a SAHM? Well we can't have people who say they need to leave at 5 to go pick up their kids" huh? That wasn't word-for-word, but pretty close to what she said. Basically we're not hiring any SAHMs! We didn't want to be in your stinking movie anyway! You would think it would be more flexible to have a SAHM because they don't have to get all this time off from work! Oh well...someone Joe works with is an extra though.

Tara Marie said...

Now you better get Miss Kayla out-and-about so she gets 'discovered'!!!

chelle said...

Too cool about the movie being shot there.

You should all protest not allowing SAHM an opportunity to be extras!! You could end up on Entertainment Tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

How interesting....

Kari said...

I used to work as a an extra. I was a regular on a show called "Sliders" They liked to use the same people all the time because they travelled from parralel universes. hehe The hours were very undesirable. Often well over 12 hr shoots and late late hrs. It was differant everyday and depending on how the shoots went the hrs were unpredictable. That's probably why it isn't a good Job for a SAHM but how rude. She should have explained the hours and left it up to the individual to decide for themself if it was something they wanted to do.

Beck said...

Hey, I used to watch Sliders!
Who knew there was a demand out there for a live action Transformers movie? I'm holding out for the Smurfs, myself....

amy flege said...

holy cow.. thats really something to talk about!!!! now i am going to HAVE to go see the movie!!!

Tracey said...

Cool! It'd be neat to see places you know on the big screen.

I LOVED Sliders. I'll have to look at the extras now!

Michelle said...

Yes this is a movie I'm going to have to see now just to say, "Hey I recognize where they filmed that! Hey there is White Sands!" :)

TM - I only wish I knew the right people to "discover" Kayla LOL

Kari - that's so neat about you being on Sliders! I remember the name of the show, but didn't watch it a lot - Joe did though! He asked what was the name of your character. From what you described about the long days and such I don't think that would have been for me...especially now when it's been so darn hot here!