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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Adventures in Movie-going

I hadn't yet taken Kayla to see a movie in the theater. I just didn't think it would be a good mix; she doesn't like to sit still that long.

The cinema in town has "Free Summer Kids Movies" on Wed and Thur at either 9am or 1130am. They aren't new releases, there are movies like "Madagascar", "Harry Potter #whatever the last one was, "Cheaper By The Dozen", "Yours, Mine, Ours" - those type of movies.

A friend of mine asked if we wanted to go today with her and her 2 girls. I was a little apprehensive as I know my daughter! But it was free so I really had nothing to lose if we needed to leave early.

Kayla did pretty well for the 1/2 hr we were waiting for the movie to start (popcorn kept her occupied!). She's so light that I had to keep part of my leg on the seat because it kept folding up a little bit. Then there were the 15 or so minutes of previews (which she seemed to enjoy) before the movie actually started. She did better than I expected with sitting still for the most part. What I forgot about was her voice. She understands "whisper" but she'll whisper jibber jabber sounds...not really whispering actual words when talking. So she was a little loud saying hello and what not to whatever appeared on the screen. Thank goodness we were in the very back row and no one seemed to mind (and it wasn't full anyway). She did pretty well through the first hour of the movie and then started to get antsy and I think somewhat bored.

To be fair the movie was "Robots" so it wasn't holding her interest that well (mine either!). So we left when there was about 1/2 an hour left. Gave me some time to run into Kmart and pick her and I up some water shoes that were on sale for $5.00! It was also past lunchtime and pretty near nap time as well. All in all she did pretty well; and hey, it was free anyway!

I think we might try and go to the 9am showing of Madagascar (reviews from anyone who have seen this?) It's a better time and I think that movie might hold her interest more.


Kari said...

Wow she did great! I think it would scare Tristan because it is so loud. We have Madagascar. Chanelle and I enjoyed it but Tristan is more interested in movies that have alot of singing. Like Signing Time, Wiggles and Barney. Hope You both enjoy the movie :)

grandma said...

I think Kayla did wonderfully for her first trip to the movies!! I haven't seen Madagascar but several people I work with have and they say it is really cute!! It has some Shrek type humor in it but it's definitely more for kids than Shrek was.

Michelle said...

Joe just informed me that Kayla has in fact seen Madagascar! I guess it was one night when I was out for "girl's night out" and I forgot about it. He said she did ok with it, so we'll probably go see it.

K.T. says peace said...

I agree with Grandma,it is one of those love it or hate it movies,Sometimes I think they overpublicize the movies and then you are let down when you get in there.Doogal is really cute for her age group,we took our kids to see that last year.Kendall is more of a Shrek kind of child-she knows every word of 1 and 2.But Madagascar is great for kids!!!!!!If they had that here the movie theatre would be packed daily!!!LOL

Michelle said...

Kari I was also worried about the sound being too loud for Kayla, maybe sitting in the back helped? It didn't seem to loud - but maybe the movie itself didn't have all of those loud scenes either so that helped!

KT - you are so right about over publicizing the movies! The previews show all the good parts so there isn't anything left of the movie to see :)

Anonymous said...

Anna's very first movie at the theater was Madagascar. It's a good movie (we own it too). Glad to hear Kayla did well for her first trip to the theater!


Nisa said...

OY!!! Robots was terrible!! I'm surprised she lasted that long... Rhi and Nate were bored outta their minds; Nate was whining to go home half-way through it. Sounds to me like Kayla did great. Madagascar was okay. Kind of annoying for adults... I'm more of a Monster's Inc gal myself...

Christi said...

Sounds like fun. The only part of Madagascar Veronica liked was the singing at the beginning and end.

Naomi said...

We still haven't taken Callum to a movie but I am tempted to try it soon. He'll sit still for the majority of a kids movie at home but only after a couple of viewings (it's like he wants to already know what happens next).

Madagascar is one of his favourites as he loves the music bits. Anything with music that you can dance to and animals is a hit with Callum.

chelle said...

Becca LOVES Madagascar!! We do not watch much tv/movies anymore, however if she has the choice that is the movie she wants!

When Becca was an infant they had a program called Stars & Strollers. Thye adjusted the volume lower, it was chic flics mostly, it was great!

She has not gone to the movie theater now that she is a toddler. The noise and patience on her part has held us back too!