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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A walk...and the picture of summer

It wouldn't be easy to just say Kayla wanted to go for a walk yesterday...because there was so much more to what led up to the walk. Besides it would be a little boring to just say, "we went for a walk yesterday" wouldn't it?

When Joe got home from work he gave Kayla a bath. After her bath she always runs down the hall nekked to the living room to find me...laughing all the way because she knows daddy is "chasing" her to put on her clothes.

She finds me sitting at the computer desk and notices I'm wearing shoes (just flipflops). She points out "shoes!" and runs to the closet and brings me her sandals. She is trying in vain to get her foot into the sandal and finally hands it to me. She looks so cute there wanting her shoes on so I put them both on. She goes to the door saying "walk" the whole time...mind you she is still nekked except for the sandals.

How could we resist her enthusiasm to go for a walk? She loves to put her shoes on and go "outside" (which she has gotten really good at saying) or for a "walk". So we give in and tell her after she gets dressed we'll go for a walk.

My friend, Debbie, had just sent me a box of clothes earlier this week (thanks Debbie!) so I grabbed a summer dress to throw on Kayla. Please ignore the fact that I put it on backwards and didn't notice until after I had taken pictures of her in it!

Whenever we are out walking and Kayla hears a car driving by she always has to stop and wave saying either "hi" or "bye". Yesterday was no different, well just a little different. I think she was intent on making sure the driver of this vechicle could actually HEAR her saying "bye" to him. She yelled in probably the loudest voice I've heard her use, "BYE! BYE!!" And there was no contest - he was taken in by her adorable cuteness and practically stopped the car, rolled down the window, and waved back to her. I think it made their day because he and his wife had big smiles on their faces while driving away.

As I mentioned in the post below - it was again in the 90s yesterday, but in the evening it had cooled down enough for this to be a pleasant walk, but the temperature, coupled with the dress Kayla is wearing, makes it look like it's summer here already!

Hugs for daddy!

Handing me a leaf


Tara Marie said...

Oh my goodness Michelle,,,,Kayla is just radiant in her skip down the sidewalk, and how precious is that hug for daddy!!!

She truly melts my heart!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What happiness you and Joe have given Kayla by taking a walk!! What fun to see the delight in her face and eyes..That was so nice that the couple stopped just to say bye back to Kayla...Wonderful.. Love the pics. love mom

Nisa said...

Is she gorgeous or what?? I love the picture of her running! I wouldn't have known the dress was on backward if you didn't mention it. She is a beauty!

Miranda said...

Kayla is so beautiful! She always looks like she's having so much fun! It's been unusualy warm here too. We are enjoying it!

Nicole said...

I love your girl! She just gets me every time I look at her. I hope I get to meet you irl soon! HUGS and for her too. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful, and it is easy to see how much see loves her daddy. I can just see her running down the hall from him.

grandma said...

What a beautiful, precious little girl!! My heart just swells with love for her and to think she's part of me too :-)

Kari said...

Oh Michelle she is such sweetness! I am really impressed with the words she says. I just love your little girl and look forward to reading about her adventures!

chelle said...

She looks so adorable and so happy!! Going for walks is so much more fun once we have children eh?

Overwhelmed! said...

What is it with kids loving to be "nekked," especially after bath time. Snuggle Bug is the same way!

These pictures of Kayla are gorgeous, all three of them! She's a beautiful little girl.