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Saturday, May 06, 2006


We're on vacation...and Kayla's not here.

We left for vacation and on our drive we stopped at the grandparents for a couple of nights to break up the 16 hr drive. We left this morning to continue on our drive and left Kayla for some bonding time with her grandparents and for us to have some couple bonding time. (So if I'm not commenting on the usual blogs I visit you'll know why!) Hopefully I'll get pictures of Kayla and what she's been up to so I can still update every other day or so (hint hint grandma!)

It's the first time we've really been without Kayla. Well there was one night last May. I went to Joe's graduation from the NCO Academy which was 3 hrs away. Couldn't really bring Kayla to that! So she had her first sleepover with her buddy Harrison. I was only gone for about 24 hrs. This time will be almost 5 days. Yes I already miss my little one!

I know this is good for us to have some time together, this is actually our first family vacation too - which is why we couldn't spend the whole time without her! So her grandparents are driving up to join us on Wed for the last 3 days of our vacation.

It was sure quiet in the car on the drive though - we weren't listening to Signing Time, or Boz, or Nemo!

Grandma said Kayla did fine today without us - ate lunch and dinner great (figures!) and of course hasn't even noticed we're not around! She's too busy chasing their cat around to worry about mom and dad!

We just finished with our late dinner at a "fine" restaurant. After eating our salads I told Joe I just realized the menu had no "kid's choices" Don't know when the last time was we ate in a restaurant like that!

And now we're in the "atrium" / lobby area so I could update the blog. Just our luck prom is going on! Man I feel old!

I do miss hearing "mooooooommmmeeeeeee!" But I'm sure these next few days will go by fast...right?


Miranda said...

I know exactly how you feel! When my parents want to keep her overnight i miss her!! I miss putting her to sleep and going to get her when she wakes up! If i'm going to the mall or grocery shopping my mom wants to watch her while i go....it's so weird not going places with her, i feel like i'm naked at the store, it feels really un-natural! Hope you get reunited with your sweetie soon!!

Monica said...

You will have a wonderful time and the fact that Kayla is doing fine is a testiment to the security that you've instilled in her through the years :). Enjoy your time with DH.

chelle said...

awww I am so sure you are missing her!

Try to focus on the now, and enjoy very minute you have with your husband! The time will go by quickly!

Anonymous said...

It does seem odd when we are away from our children, but it is nice to have a break every now and then. I am sure Kayla is enjoying her bonding time, and I can't wait to see the new pictures.

Anonymous said...

I know you miss Kayla but try to enjoy some vacation time as well!!!


Anonymous said...

We feel so "torn" when we either leave our children/child or we just do not have them with us..We love our children so much and then we feel guilty if we leave them for more than a day!! And, we feel guilty if we are even enjoying ourselves without them!! Enjoy every minute of "alone time" without Kayla, it does go by fast, and just remember your heart/mind are still very much a part of Kayla and you are never far from your Kayla.. She is having the Best Time with Grandma and Grandpa anyway, and the cat too... Love Mom

amy flege said...

It so hard to have a good time when missing your little one too! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself though! Have a great "bonding"time!

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - I remember feeling this too, and I still do, funny enough. You guys have a great time, and Kayla will have a great time with Grandma and Grandpa too! I can so relate though, I totally miss my kids, even when I'm just away for a night!!! Hope you're having sooo much fun....

Overwhelmed! said...

Being away from your baby is so hard, isn't it? I've left Snuggle Bug with my in-laws for a weekend and I called to see how he was doing at least twice a day. Thankfully the inlaws didn't tease me too much for being an overprotective mama! :)