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Monday, May 22, 2006

How do you cool off when it's over 90 degrees?

By playing in the sprinklers of course!

A thoroughly soaked, yet happy, little girl...but wait...what's that on her sleeve?

A ladybug coming along for the ride...kinda fitting since the 2nd line in her shirt says "I love ladybugs!"


chelle said...

Ok she is totally having a blast!!! We do not have a sprinkler :( But we hit a lot of water parks!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never thought about how much we would miss having our own yard for this kind of thing-until seeing these photos today.

I love the little ladybug friend-too sweet.

Nisa said...

I love these pics! It's so much fun to watch kids playing near a sprinkler! That's so cute the ladybug hitched a ride... Ladybugs are the only kind of flying bug that Rhi-Rhi won't run away screaming from. Hahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle you remember what it is like being a "kid"!! Sprinklers are so tempting to run thru and get totally soaked, as you said, Kayla did!!!!!!!!!! What fun and delight and happiness!!! I , too, love the ladybug hitching a ride!!! :) especially since Kayla is wearing a shirt that says, I love Ladybugs. Michelle you are a wonderful, wonderful Mom even tho you think otherwise. And , Kayla is a reflection of you and her great dad. love mom

BStrong said...

Ok that's enough cuteness for one post..........maybe. My kids love the sprinkler too, but we haven't put Amanda in yet.


BStrong said...

Interesting. I though my blog would completely be about my daughter Amanda whom just happens to have DS. I later realized that there is so much more to talk about and that she is just like my other two. Read some of my earlier posts from my archives and you will notice a transition from her DS consuming my life to it just being another part of our lives.


Jess said...

Oh sweet days of spring! I can't wait for warmer weather here. She looks like she's going to explode with excitement!! Precious...

Overwhelmed! said...

She looks like she had a lot of fun! I don't have a sprinkler, but we do have a pool and Snuggle Bug loves to swim in it!

So, when are you going to join in on the Treasure Tuesday? I'd love to see some from you. I've just posted one today. Stop by and take a peek.

Michelle said...

Bstrong - isn't it nice when you notice the transition and you realize Ds isn't as all-encompassing as you originally thought it might be?

Overwhelmed- I was just thinking today that I should do the Treasure Tuesday's also - just hadn't had time before. I'm going to try and get something up there before the day ends though!

grandma said...

Oh what joy and happiness that little face shows!! She just glows from the love her mommy and daddy have showered on her.

Sprinklers and puddles, aren't they a little kids best friend :-)

Overwhelmed! said...

Okay Michelle, I'll be checking back today for your treasure. Feel free to steal the "Treasure Tuesday" image from my post to use on yours. :)

The idea behind it is pick something every Tuesday that's special to you (person, place, or thing) and tell your readers why it's special to you. Attaching a picture is helpful, but not required.

Let me know when you get yours posted and I'll link to it on my blog. :)

Tara Marie said...

These are such wonderful photographs and I love the ladybug who came along for the fun ride!

BStrong said...

Absolutely. When Amanda was born (she's 2 now) the DS was a complete shocker to us, so you can imagine our shock and lack of preparedness. I briefly wrote about that day awhile back.

Just copy and past below



Rachael said...

How perfect!!!


Rachael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Naomi said...

Such a happy, beautiful big girl!

When did she get so big??

I wish we had a yard so that we could do this.

Kathy said...

She is adorable. What an irresistable grin!