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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To Go or Not To Go

After yesterday's incident my first instinct was to not return there for story time; I just didn't think I would feel comfortable. That was only our 2nd time going anyway.

The more I thought about it though the more I realized the right thing to do is just to continue going. That way they can get to "know" Kayla and maybe she will teach them a thing or two!

I think I'm more upset with myself for not advocating and educating very well! I do realize nothing they said was said with malice; it wasn't meant to hurt me or to be a put-down. Some people just don't realize what they are saying and I shouldn't take it so personally or defensively...I'm going to need to develop some thick skin!

I do think a couple of their comments were inappropriate and were probably said out of ignorance. Why did the grandmother felt a need to ask if Kayla "learns well?" Did anyone ever ask her that question about her grandsons?

And of course the comment about having enough smart people in this world really riles me, but I'll move on. I doubt I'll ever encounter another comment like that, but if I do I think I have my response ready now. It'll be something along the lines of,

"Oh I think there is still room enough for another smart little girl like my daughter."

1 comment:

Tara Marie said...

I'm glad you are going to keep on going to story hour [as that is one of our most favorite weekly activities]....and I think most people speak before they even 'think' [and most people just talk without ever thinking].

Miss Kayla,,,you keep on being you and showing the world what a bright and inquisitive and friendly little girl you are.