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Monday, April 17, 2006

Doctor appointment

Kayla has a follow-up cardiology appointment on Tues. It's over 3 hrs away so we're leaving tomorrow to spend the night. Also hope to have a chance to take Kayla to an aquarium- I think she would love it!

Kayla has a very small PDA which we're hoping has finally closed on it's own. If it hasn't by now it probably won't though. They recommend closing it with a cardiac catheterization. I prefer it closes on it's own! So if you could say some prayers that we get the news we want to hear I'd appreciate it!

Also, as long as you're saying a prayer for Kayla, could you please say one for Miss E - Rebecca's daughter (Always Chaos) ... she has a medical appointment tomorrow. Please pray for some answers and good news.

So since we're going to be gone the rest of the Easter pictures from today (and zoo pics from Fri!) will have to wait until later this week!


Kari said...

Good luck at the cardio appointment. We have ours in June for the exact same thing. I'll be thinking about you and Miss E too. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get back.

Deryck said...

good luck! They always feel me with dread! We have mitral regurgitation that will require surgery at some stage - I think the waiting is the worst!

Anonymous said...

Everything went wonderfully for us, I hope that you have the same experience and no bad news :)

Debra said...

Hope all has went well. Just read your post so am saying prayers and hope that you enjoy a fun trip to the aquarium.