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Friday, March 24, 2006

She's got it figured out

I was wondering how much Kayla was really going to understand about needing to stay in her bed when it's nap/bed time. Once the railing was removed she would have the freedom to move around and get out of bed when she wanted. I knew this would be a test of wills for both of us to keep her in bed. She's been doing surprisingly well; and then I get my proof yesterday of how well she does understand this concept.

She had a pretty hard time falling asleep at naptime yesterday - took about an hour. That's not because of the bed - she would take that long sometimes in her crib.

So I hear a noise coming from her room which sounds like she's playing with her Little People carnival set and I go to tell her she needs to go back to bed. Before I just barge in her room I peek through the door to see what she's actually doing. She DID get off the bed; however as I was peeking through the door she was already climbing back on the bed (without having seen me at all) with a part of the Little People carnival set in hand. I guess she figured it was ok to get out of bed to get a toy or two to play with as long as she got back in bed with it!

It was too cute so I waited a few minutes before going in and taking her toys away (mean mommy!) and telling her it was time for a nap. A little while later peeking in on her again I see her in bed with other smaller toys that were previously on the floor. My little stinker!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

that is so precious!! Yes, Kayla does understand what is told to her. She sure is a smart one! Great Aunt Debbie