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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I am so saddened and disheartened to read of so many women who terminate their pregnancies when they get a prenatal diagnosis of T21. I know this is a very personal choice/decision, but I just don't understand why termination is even a choice to make when one finds out. Why is my daughter's life expendable just because she has an extra chromosome? Why does that justify ending a life? Why is it done? It breaks my heart...people thinking that those with T21 don't deserve to live or shouldn't be brought into this world. The common reason I seem to come across is that the parents don't want the "burden" this child will bring to the family, how will it affect their marriage, their other kids, they don't want this child to "suffer". You know what? My daughter does not suffer! She lives and breathes and laughs and plays and learns just like any other. She is most definitely NOT a burden to us or any future children we may have. If you don't know how your marriage will be affected then maybe your marriage wasn't strong enough to begin with. Not wanting this to be a problem with other children? Please! They are siblings no matter what - they will love each other no matter what. I especially don't get when a couple WANTED this child, this pregnancy, was looking forward to it...and then can just terminate? If you wanted this child that shouldn't change because there is an extra chromosome. That baby still deserves a chance at life, at love, at showing what he/she is capable of. It just seems so very very very unfair to me. I know I'm rambling; it's just I have so many thoughts and feelings going through and I'm just typing what I feel. I know this probably won't even change one person's mind out there because what stranger reads my journal anyway? But it's bothering me and I wanted to get it off my chest. My daughter's life is no less valuable and I hope she can help change the world one person at a time. http://www.blogdash.com/full_profile/?claim_code=ceecaa7a8eb6dc650f168c84e542211e

1 comment:

Killlashandra said...

Thank you for sharing your link Michelle.

You may be rambling but I agree with your rambling. It's so hard to understand why people make the decisions they do and sometimes it's better to not even try as it may just cause you more stress.

It is really sad people make the decision to terminate because of T21 and more than unfair to the child too. I think your blog does such a wonderful job expressing your positive and loving family relationships along the sometimes rocky ride. :)